Dear Instructors

At a recent brainstorming session, the suggestion came up for an Instructors News page. 

The idea is to keep you all up with what's going on on a more regular basis. Nothing formal - but just small news items as they happen. Members of the Advisor Groups, Board and staff will be invited to send in news for the page.

The Instructors News Page is in the Instructors Only Sections once you SIgn-in to the Website.

I have also set up a Closed Group on Facebook as well. I know FB is not everyone's cup of tea - but it is an easy way to communicate / comment on anything that's happening. Not many instructors tend to use our own Forum any more - partly because it involves remembering to sign-in and have a look. With Facebook any new items automatically appear on your wall so it's easy in that regard.

If you are not on Facebook you may even consider joining just to be a member of the Group. Please go to the Group as ask to join:


Master Paul McPhail