Day 5 - Tegucigalpa Honduras

We decided that most of the adults would take the Hotel mini bus to a couple of recommended malls to suss out whether they were safe/suitable to take the team to.

Once we got there we were very happy with it, apart from security guards at the entrance and on the door of some of the shops, you could have been in any nice NZ mall.

This afternoon we had lunch then had arranged for 3 x mini-buses to take everyone to the mall that the adults visited this morning. A mistake with the Spanish speaking drivers interpreting where we wanted to go led us through a very interesting part of town. When we finally arrived at a museum we sorted out the misunderstanding and ended up driving for ages through town to get to the mall. It was a real bonus as we saw the "Real" part of the city and city life.


View from our Hotel room

Tim checking his email from my laptop

Richard in the mall after buying a heap of water (and a few beers)

14 in a van built for 10 - no sweat.

On the road again

In the poor areas there are a lot of "workers" standing around

On the street, its common at intersections for people to try and sell you food, sweats etc. No one cleaning windscreens though! (photo from hotel room)

Photo of what must be houses of the more affluent (photo from hotel room)

ed:nb unfortunately for the second lot of photos, the second email I received from Doug today had the same photos as the first one...
However as we are all hanging out for every teeny crumb of info - I have included Doug's comments that were to go with the relevant photos.
You can use your imagination, and I'm sure we'll get them tomorrow ...

I took a ton of photos... some are a bit rough as they were mostly taken from our moving van.

440 Beggar

445 Run down business of some sort

447 Security guard - they are friendly but mean business

448 Mag and tyre business

449 Fruit and veges

451 - 467 People in the street

470 The cobbled drive way into the museum

476 Policeman

481 - 497 Trip from the museum to the mall

499 Friendly security guard posing with Tim for the camera

500 Boys - once in the mall they seem only interested in shoes, sunglasses and shirts

501 Calculating how much in kiwi dollars

503 Cecelia with Jeremy and Ryan (or maybe Hayden). She was learning English to become an English teacher here. She's been learning for 18 months (3 hrs per day) and the course takes 4 years. This was her first "real life" practice and she was pretty good. It was nice to talk with someone who spoke pretty good English and learn a bit about life in Honduras. Consequently her sales were good today!

504 The mall courtyard - Honda cars featured

505 Assembly time to go back to the hotel

507 Ryan and Hayden with their loot

508 Chris and loot - note the cool shoes (bought in Houston I think)

509 Jess - Isn't that junk food there? A bottle of coke was NZ$1 - irresistible.

511 On the way home. There are some nice hotels here

512 This lady was selling small pink table cloths and sweets