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I have had a lot of interest in this tournament and have heard that a lot of people do not have the correct gear at the moment. Top Ten and myself would like to see this tournament be large and successful allowing competitors the advantage of being able to gain as much experience from this as possible. Top Ten Hayashi New Zealand have decided that they will have some Top Ten Pointfighter gloves for loan purposes at the tournament, and we have also agreed that the dip foam feet will be allowed as long as they are in good condition (no cracks, no tape).

Mr Andrew Niven

Top Ten New Zealand and AN Ltd present the Top Ten Open, a Sparring tournament run under Pool Play, Round Robin rules.

Simply put this means is that your divisions are broken into pools and you compete in these pools. You will compete for one 2 minute round with everyone in this pool. The top four people will be taken from the pools to compete against each other for the semi-finals and the finals. E.g. 10 people in a division, 2 pools, top 2 people in each division compete in the semi’s and finals. Semi’s and finals are 2 x 2 minute rounds with 30 seconds break.

The tournament is broken into weight divisions and Red Belts and above will compete in the same division. Open to 15+ years of age. People under 18 must have the form counter signed by their parent/guardian.

Divisions Male Female
Micro - 54 Kg - 52 Kg
Light - 63 Kg - 58 Kg
Middle - 71 Kg - 63 Kg
Heavy - 80 Kg - 70 Kg
Hyper - 95 Kg - 85 Kg
Hyper plus 95 Kg + 85 Kg +

Hyper plus will only be run if numbers permit. If it is not run than entrants will be in the Hyper division.

This is a great way to ensure that you get an opportunity to attend a tournament virtually guaranteed that you have more than one match.

Any questions please contact Andrew Niven

Andrew Niven
Tournament Director – Top Ten Open

Phone +64 21 770072

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