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Auckland Training Schedule

Weekend 23-24th June Final Taupo Training Camp
Thursday 21th June Final Training at Papakura - special guest
Sunday 17th June CM Regionals
Thursday 14th June Training at Papakura
Jamie killer session
Sunday 10th June WTF Tournament Training
Pakuranga United Rugby Club Gym - Princes Sports Stadium, Bell Road, Pakuranga. T-sirts and dobok pants - $2 at the door.
Thursday 7 June  Fitness, pads, individual events
Queens Birthday Weekend  Wellington training
Thursday 24 May World Champs Simulation Night
Sunday 20 May Patterns - Papatoetoe
(and pad work)
Thursday 17 May Special training at Papakura - we have some kick boxing friends coming to spar with us - including Julie Wood, who has 5 current titles including South Pacific Champion. Girls be ready!
Botany Demos
Thursday 10 May Session theme was Discipline - involved circuit, sparring drills, sparring and patterns.
Sunday 6 May Patterns - Papatoetoe
Grading - 1.30pm at Baradene
Thursday 3 May Session by Mr Steve McQuillan
(Sparring drills, tall opponent work, team patterns)
Sunday 29 April Under 18 Tournament - no Patterns Training
Thursday 26 April Training - Papakura
Weekend 21-22 April Taupo
Thursday 19 April Video Night - Trotters
Sunday 8 April Easter Break
Thursday 12th Sparring rounds
Sparring fitness/pad work
Sunday 8 April Patterns - Papatoetoe
Grading week
Sunday 1 April Patterns - Papatoetoe
Thursday 29 March Training - Papakura

Wind-Sprint warm ups
Front leg turning kick drills
Pattern fitness work

Weekend 24-25 March Team Training - Levin

Mr Salton has his normal club training on Friday night (23rd March) , if any of you are planning on arriving early enough, you are welcome to join in.  Please contact Mr Salton for address details.

There is a swimming pool available just outside the Gym, please ensure you all bring both togs and towels

People should arrive in Levin before 8.30pm so that they can be introduced to their billet and they can then travel to their destination with them. We plan a 8.30am start on Saturday.

Thursday 22 March Training - Papakura
Sunday 18 March Patterns - Team patterns practice
Thursday 15 March Recordings of speeches and crouds by Hayden
Sparring rounds with 1 person applying different tactics - with croud and music recordings
Patterns on matts
Circuit to music
Sunday 11 March Power Breaking with Rocky Rounthwaite - Papakura, 9 - 11am
Thursday 8 March Weigh in
Hard training - monitoring fluid intake. Paterns, sparing drills, sparring and circuit.
Weigh in
Most lost approx 1 kg
Sunday 4 March Patterns
Thursday 1 March All Patterns
Sparring drills - "do the basics well"
  Turning kick drill across mats
  Sparring rounds
Special Techniques and Power Practice


Sunday 25 February No training
Thursday 22 February Circuit
Talk by Craig John on Body Composition
Talk by Dr Gerald Woollard on Over Training Syndrome and Diet
Thursday 15 February Photo shoot meet at Waiuku - IS ON AGAIN.
Thursday 7 February Warm Up, slow kicks, fast kicks, all patterns.
Sparring drills, rounds and pad work.
PNF Stretching
Thursday 1 February Warm-up - fitness work
Slow kicks
Pads work, round on the pads
Point sparring competitions
Power breaking
From 11 February 2001 Thursdays at Papakura - Sparring
7 - 9 pm
Sundays at Papatoetoe - Patterns
9-11 am
Weekend 27 - 28 January Team Camp - Auckland and Demonstration at Martial Arts Expo

Meet at Papakura 8.30am Saturday

Thursday 25 January Training - Papakura
Warm up circuit - stomach work
Patterns outside
Sparring drills
Speed work by Mark Trotter
2 x 2 min rounds
Weekend 20 - 21 January Auckland Team Camp - Waiuku
Fitness work - sand dunes, hill work, beach training and socialising.
Thursday 21st December 2000 Training - Totara Park

Thursday 14th December 2000

Training - Papakura
Warm up by Jake Pearson
Patterns practice and self training

Thursday 7th December 2000

Training - Papakura

Fitness work
Sparring, sparring rounds with Umpire

Thursday 30th November


Training - Papakura

Sparring drills - front leg side kicks and downward kicks
1, 1.5 and 2 minute rounds with partners with pads

Patterns outside

Thursday 23rd November

Training - Papakura

Maximum Heart Rate tests

Talked about Physio and Gym Sponsorship - see Hayden for more info.

Thursday 16th November

Training - Papakura

Lawrence: Patterns
Jon: Sparring work

Thursday 9th November

Training - Papakura

Team talk - expectations for fitness/gym training and attendance at team sessions. Will keep to one team session per week until 2001. Debbie talked about sponsorship and fundraising ideas. It is up to each individual to start working on this.

Patterns work:

Flexibility and strength exercises - for good side kicks in patterns. Work on Won -Hyo -each person given points to work on.

Thursday 2nd November

Training - Papakura

All Patterns plus work on Ge-Baek

Sparring drills 
- Combination: backfist, punch, step reverse turning kick (Pads & Partners)
- Hopping side kicks (partner counter with turning kick), working on high turning kicks


Discussion on use of a massage therapist via Jeanette, and Team Physio deal via Hayden.

Thursday 26th October

Training - Papakura

Turning kick and back kick drills - sparring

Talk by Dr Gerald Woollard.

Thursday 19th October

Training - Papakura

Team pattern work, sparring - 2 minute rounds.

Thursday 12th October

Training - Papakura

Sparing work - use of reverse hooking kick off the front leg as a counter - lots of drills then sparring.

Special Techniques - flying high front kick and mid air kick.

Team Talk - see Mr Breese if you want to make use of the Gym at the Physio.

Thursday 5th October

Institute of Sports Physiotherapy (128 Khyber Pass Road)
Functional Capacity Evaluations.  7.00 pm

Each of the team members were tested on their strength and endurance on the leg extension machine, and each was given a detailed report, and they will all be re-tesed in a few months, following their weight training programme.

A BIG thanks to Mr Bob Sellars for all his time and knowledge.

Thursday 28th Sept  -  Papakura

Patterns - working on timing, Po-Eun
Sparring work - turning kick - react of partners change of stance, sparring.

Talk on peoples fitness programmes. Next week is assessments at Institute of Sports Physiotherapy

Thursday 21st Sept  -  Papakura

Discussion on building base fitness - each person to:

  • start 3 x weekly sessions of running/cycling or similar. Work at 60% max rate for 40 minutes. Goal is to be able to run 5 minute kilometres keeping heart rate down at 60% of max. Record recovery rate after 1 minute.

  • Organise 3 month weight training programme

  • Keep diary/notebook of all sessions recording what they do, duration and how they felt during the session. Also record resting pulse once a week on the same morning.

General Expectations:
Full commitment to being in the team. Ring/Fax/Email if you are unable to make a training session. Don't be late. $5 per session to cover expenses - pay $20 next week.

Sparring work - front pushing kick, dodging and evading, slow/fast sparring.
Patterns - run through Dan-Gun, Hwa Rang and own choice.


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