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Hi guys,

It was a long way for you to go to Italy, but you certainly made the most out of your trip !
I'm sure all people who where there will remember your "traditional dance".
See you in Poland !

Guy Ballet
ITF 1st degree

I want to say hello to Lena and Aaron. I was talking to them in Italy, they're very nice persons. Thank you
Lorena Koller
Escuela Santafesina de Taekwondo
Rosario, Argentina

Hey New Zealanders,

It was nice meeting all of you and it was also nice to see Mark and Toni again. Yall should come back to Odessa, Texas for one of our tournaments again. Hey Mark and Toni yall should e-mail me so that we can keep in touch and tell Gemma I said hey and to yall the best of luck and I will try to see yall in Poland.
Fred Pornan


Hey yall! Mark and Toni congrads on going to world. Tell Gemma I said howdy. Like Fred said yall need to come down fer another tournament. Hope to see yall again, like at Poland! Yall email me sometime!
Shawn Whitley, Nunez's Taekwondo, Odessa, Texas, USA


Congratulations on a splendid effort. Hope that you all had lots of fun. Catch up with you soon Dan.


To Toni and all the competitors for tomorrow,

    Make sure you's all kick butt in the team sparring and power breaks tomorrow, (we want at least one medal!)
    Go hard or don't come home!!!
nah just joking, we miss ya!
    Bye the way don't forget our presents!

Lots of Luv
Harmony, sheylah, paige, and mum and dadxxx


To Luke and the rest of the NZ Team

Best of luck for the team events today!
The website is sooooo interesting and makes great reading.  Sounds like everyone is having an awesome time.  Good luck for the rest of the event.
Yes, we're all practising .....

Leah, Rhys, Jacob, Carlin, Debbie, Meryll, Ashley, Candice, Sasha, Adam

Hi Dan,
 Glad you are having a good time.Watch out for those scooter rides and come
home safe and sound.All the best, thinking of you,

Aunt Myreen and Uncle Lawrence.

Hi to Jake and Gray,
All the best for the competition tomorrow Jake  -
We look forward to some photos of the action!
Hope the Lira is coming in handy - has the tree sprouted again?!
Enjoy the rest of your time in Europe - especially the warm weather!
Kind Regards from Brian, Sherree, Myles, Melanie, and Sarah

Hi Dan,
We just want to wish you luck and let you know that we are thinking of you, you worked so hard to get there I hope it all goes as planned but don't forget to have some fun too......!!!
all our love and best wishes.
good luck to all the team.
                      Bruce , Linda , Jason & Terry



We hope you are all enjoying the Italia experience and making some new friends along the way, giving them the KIWI experience in the sparring Ha Ha!!
Sending you all our winning support for a fantastic winning experience
Viva Italia Kiwiana, Kia Ora from Janice and Marion at the Huia Experience,
come and see us for a relax and hideaway Dan when you get home.See ya.

 " Good luck Team"
    for the final two days, our hearts go out to those who just missed and know how hard you have all tried.If golds were won for big hearts you would all be bringing one home.
A big "GOOD LUCK" to Dan "WHOOPASS" for the next events, give it heaps.
One of my dreams was to go to the Champs with Dan to watch him compete,with such a brilliant website done by Mr Mcphail and the Breen family I feel that I haven't missed out and a big "THANKS" goes out to them for a great job well done.   " PROUD TO BE A KIWI & GIVE THE HAKA HEAPS"

To the lovely Sherylene Kohiti

greetings from sunny Palmerston North !
i hope your enjoying those garlic butties ! watch those italian bum nippers
! Good luck for the rest of your holiday, have a safe and pleasant journey back to 'godsown'

kind thoughts and best wishes
your favourite insurance agent !

Hi Team NZ,

Keep your heads hi, we are all proud of what you have done so far, and are looking forward to more. Good luck to those who are competing today (07/07/01) especially Cilla and Hong. Keep your focus, stay determined.

Andrew Niven and Nibun ITF (ITFNZ)

Hi there!!

My name is Martina Souckova and I am 1st Dan from Ge-Baek club in Prague, Czech Republic.
Wow, all the events? I don't even remember. There were for sure several Nationals in Czech Republic and, of course, South Island Regionals and Wellington Regionals :)).

Just wanted to wish ALL THE BEST to NZ team. (And big HI to Lena, Ian and Jake).
The news are great. You've already mentioned Czech Rep. several times :) ("beat us to our regular place for morning training") but if you can include a little bit more that would be great!!

Thanks a lot and again GOOD LUCK!!

Martina Souckova

Well done cus, Glad to hear you're allright .Must admit I've never seen the inside of an Italian hospital you'll have tell me all about it.Anyway chow for now,take care bud.
: Tony Trotter . 
Hi guys, can only imagine how great it must be over there , congratulations on events so far, you are such great ambassadors for our country, kapai on the haka, Tumeke{too much] Aaron , now what would Te aroha say to that. Lena, can only imagine the damage you would have done anyway, Love yous all , Nikki we are back keep you posted.


To Mr McPhail & the NZ Team,

Best wishes and good luck and most of all have fun!!!

Love Albert & Lucia.

Hi Paul,

Sounds like a great event. Mum and I enjoy our daily look at the web page which is, I think, really outstanding.

Best of luck to everyone in the remaining events.


Good Luck, Cilla Gorilla...
Hello my darling,
are you enjoying Italy? It's beautiful isn't it, and hot I expect. Man it's hot in London.
Say hi to Cedar. And best of luck for tomorrow.

love from Anne

Great big hello and well wishes to everyone doing us all proud in Rimini, I know you all give it 120%. Best of luck, we're all thinking of you, give it heaps!!!!!
Trish Honey


Good luck for your events tomorrow, love Julie, Wayne, Levi & Ebony.
Good luck to the rest of the team also, give em heaps guys.

Dear Kylee
Good luck for your sparring, I hope you do well. I won gold in my sparring. We are VERY proud of you.
see ya soon
Brook Ralston

Yo yo boyz. Sam (Jakes little bro) here from Japan, just wanted to say give it heaps and Jake, don't let anyone bend that schnoz any further out of joint.
As you were,
Love Sam


I was surfing the web, trying to find some results for Team USA, and I stumbled across you guys. Best of luck to each and everyone of you, I've always admired the way you train in New Zealand and the skill that you all have, since the last group of you came to Texas in '97.
Best wishes to everyone as you continue to compete from all at Nunez's Taekwon-Do in Odessa, TX, and hopefully ya'll won't beat us up too badly.

Robin Allen

Special Hi to Lena - sorry to hear about the migraine. But hope today goes great with Power Breaking and the team sparring!!!
That goes for Gray and Ry too - Go Wellington Go!!! (& others that I don't know)
Remember, can't beat Wellington on a good day!! - HA!
But that goes for all of you - keep going NZers!!
and Mr McPhail with website updates. Look forward to it!!

From an old (or rather ex, maybe returning) TKDer
See you later (or rather your proud smiling faces on the net soon!!)
Barbara : P

To Jaime and the team :
Hi babe,
It's been great receiving the updates on the net, the Team NZ website is great.
We have seen photos of the team and yourself with your fight against England.
Don't worry about the results we are just so glad and proud you made it to Italy for the champs.
We are sure you gave him a few knocks, hahaha.
In our eyes you're still the champ especially your little girl, she loves seeing photos of her daddy.
Best of luck with the power breaking and the opening ceremony.

And wishing the team the best of luck for the events to come.

Thinking of you always,
Love from your little Lorfevre-Reti clan.

Hi daddy,
Miss you and I love you, Mummy and I saw your photo on the computer in Italy.
Only 7 more sleeps and you will be home.

Good luck!
Love from your one and only Manyana X

Luke, watching what you are doing - you go for it. Good luck to the whole team, you all deserve it.
Good to have the page to go to; being here in the States we don't get daily updates from the family :o)
Do the best you can always proud of ya

Love ya

Auntie Jo, Uncle Gerry & Beth

Hi guys.

Have kept in touch with your web page daily. Any chance of Aussie updates? Master Michael Daher and Mr Jamie Moore should be there with a small group. I would appreciate you passing on our greetings to them, and all the Australian team from the Sunshine Coast and Papua New Guinea (we have Bruce (4th dan) and Kerrien (1st dan) Imatana here for 2 weeks).

I have included a training photo of Jon Sawden during his preparation with us (9 boards)

Rocky Rounthwaite

Hey Aaron,

Well done cabbage ! ! ! ! ! !
From what I read on the website, you were OUTSTANDING yesterday ! ! ! ! !
I wish I could have been there to see it.

Although it may not have been the outcome you wanted, be content that you are one of the best this world has to offer .Know that you have made your team, your country and all the people that care about you, so extremely proud.

Have an incredible time over there, you deserve it more than anyone I know.

Much respect and many thoughts are with you

Take it easy ;)

Love Jo

Hi Mark

Really proud with your effort, be proud, we are. Also good luck to everyone else. See you when you get home.

Annette, Charmaine, Jessica and Laura
x x x x

Dear Grandrew and the New Zealand Team

I would like to wish you all good luck for the championships
and my secret recipe for success is tomato,mushroom and garlic pasta (Grandrews fave!!) Hope this message brings a smile to your day!

Kia kaha koutou i nga wa katoa!!!

Arohatinonui Ashton xxx (age 9 months and 2 teeth)
My Mum, Granny Kerry, Aunty Stacey, Uncle Ted-e-bare (Wade going thru a strassman complex at the mo) and Uncle Taylor say KIA ORA AND GO HARD!!!!!!!!

Nanna & Grandad here, you know the Western Australian ones,
Well what can we say,
Gee we are so proud of you,
We wish you all the best and hope you are having a really good time,
Love Nanna & Grandad

Aunty Anne didnt want me to tell you this but her computer is broken, so here I am giving you her good wishes, best of luck, and all the rest, love Aunty Julie,
But really it's from, Aunty Anne, Uncle Mick,and the rest of the crew up in Port Hedland, Western Australia

Hi Chantelle

It's ya favourite uncle from oz best of luck in the upcoming events. STICK IT TO EM GIRLY

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to say good luck for the remaining days. Bring home some gold....especially you Lena, we are counting on you!
We'll be thinking of you all,

Miriam and Steven

Hi Aaron,

GO LAD GO - regards from all your supporters this side of the "Black Stump"

Veronica & Vic

Hi Team,
Well done Toni on getting through the weigh-in. What a drama!
It makes great reading this end.
Good skill to all those competing today.
I have visions of many medals coming home to NZ.
What a line-up!

Mr McP, Let us know what the Congress is like.
And get Mark B to keep us up to date with the hob-nobbing goss.

Over and out


Focus on the now and the future will take care of itself.

Hi Chantelle.
Good luck for your events today, I'll be thinking of you all day. Try your best, I know you'll do really well. Also good luck Mark for your events today, kick some butt. And everyone else competing today good luck also. I'm enjoying the clothes you left behind for me Chantelle, thanks. Talk to you soon, take care.
Love always Hayley.

To the team

Good luck! I'm sure u guys will bring back heaps of medals ^_^

Oh & good luck to Lena & the others competing today :)


Hi Jake,
All the best for your competition today! We will be thinking of you and look forward to getting the updates on the web page!
Much love,
Melanie & Pippa

Hi Chantelle

Good Luck, you go out there and show them what you are made of.

All our love

Mum and Dad

Hey Team,

Just a quick note to say good luck, have fun, and don't let your months of painful training go to waste. Just do us proud, I'm sure you will.

GO NEW ZEALAND WoooHoooo!!!!!!!

Pip Duggan

Hi guys, but most importantly of all, my SIS (yeah, you Kohiti!!)

Finally got my hands on the net hehehe - be afraid. Hope all is well & you're collecting enough teeth to make some pretty accessories eg necklaces. As Sherylene knows, it's not how you fight, it's how good you look while you're doing it. No, seriously, I hope you're all having a good time and the competition is all you thought it would be (how cheesy).
Hey Sis, I don't care if you don't bring home a medal or not - you've made me proud & when you get back I'll take you out & get you plastered (the one thing I do best). Crash misses you, told me so herself. Justin's fine but his relationship with the PlayStation's a bit sus. As for little old me, hmmmmmm... lovin' work, just rocks my world. Will keep in touch - probably during work hours 'cause it's not like I do anything while I'm there. Bye bye.

Ants aka Vodka

To Mark

You did so well Mark. I am very proud of you. Now you can enjoy the rest of your time away.

Love from Gran

Hi Everyone!

So the first day is over aye. Well done you all did awesome. If it wasn't for those jolly Koreans then you would all be wearing gold around your necks (just remember the Koreans are human).
Mark I am so proud of you for ignoring your health once again and getting back in the ring to show everyone what New Zealanders are made of.
Toni gotta luv that haircut.
I hope that you all are being extra nice to the Aussies.
Ummm well that's all for now, good luck, go hard, and have fun.

Luv Gemma =)

Dear All New Zealand Team,

From Indonesia we want to give our support to all of you. Good luck and do all your best.

Yours in Taekwon-Do
David Sutrisna
Indonesia ITF

Hi all of you in Italy

I wish you all the best to do as well as you can for your selves, we will be right behind you so give it heaps.

Greetings from Peter Stet, Te Awamutu club 

To the New Zealand Team,

I've just been reading through 58 email messages that have been sent to the team so far, and it's a humble and proud feeling for the support not only from your families back home, but the support from fellow TaeKwon-Do students around the world.

I wish all competing the best of Luck, and to the Juniors Mark, & Toni (Enjoy it at the top) you deserve this one.

Proud Kiwi

Steve McQuillan

Very, very, very proud of you, hope you are enjoying yourself.
Good luck to you and all the team.
Hope you are enjoying the warm weather, it's freezing here.
Anyway I won't take up too much of your time.
Take care,
Love Aunty Julie, Uncle Wayne, Levi & Ebony.

Hi Mr McPhail, Mark, Toni, Dan & Team
Talk about a bad hair day Toni! Guess you're feeling lots lighter. Go well and give them heaps.
Regards Ingrid.

Hey Guys,
How is Italy? I hope you are all having a lot of fun and working hard for the day. I also hope that you Mark will bring home a medal. That does not mean that all of you can't.

Mark: I miss you heaps and the phone is not as busy as usual but is still ringing and I hope you are looking after yourself.

Toni: I hope you have lost the weight and making the right weight...I will buy you a nice big block of chocolate when you get back.

Jon & Jeanette: I hope you bring back something NZ can be proud of and I MIGHT join TKD.

Luke: Now you say you're not my friend but you are and I do miss you and so does your Mum and sister and brother...I also hope you too bring something back.

Lawrence: Good luck with your patterns!!! And bring back a medal with those straight kicks!!!

Aaron: Now I'm just starting to repeat stuff but I really hope you do well and also don't go out with any girls from Italy!!!

Hong: Good luck I know you can do it and you can also KICK SOME BUTT!!!

Chantelle: I hope you have a great time and looking after yourself and bring back a medal!!!!

Ry: I still think you should bring me back a medal!!! 1 for you and 1 for me!!! And look after yourself!

Coach & Manager: you have done really well in getting everyone there and looking after them it will be and is appreciated.

Everyone else: I am sorry that I never knew you well but I will! I hope you all look after yourselves and not get hurt...Kylee...I hope you're feeling better.

Steve: I left you till last seeing that I'm not going to to see you for a very long time...I hope you do really well and have a awesome time on your trip...with Vanessa... and I hope you find the time to e-mail me.

Have fun everyone and I will see you all when you get back.

Love from
Elysia Trotter


To Jon, Jeanette, Mark, Chantelle and the team

Hey guys

Hope all is going well for you and you are having fun.

Good luck, go hard, bring back some metal.

Best of luck and good wishes.

Take care.

Luke and Lance

Hey Toni,

It's Harmony and the Vidak's! I like your new haircut, looks great. Leah, Mark, Dawn, and Hayley say hi! Is that tattoo real or not dad rang and said he's not too sure. Good luck for ur FIGHTS! Mum and Dad forgot to say thanks to the team for helping Toni to lose that weight.
Mark sayz focus and be strong and give it your best shot!
But Leah sayz you betta bring us back a medal, preferably GOLD!
Say good-luck to everybody in the team from us, send me back an e-mail if you can!

Lots of Luv Harmony, Leah, Hayley, Dawn, and Mark! xxxxxxxxooooooooo

P.S. Dawn says eat lots of pasta and you go girl!!!!!

Toni love the new look, I hope that tattoo is a peel off one??
Good luck today we know you can do it, good luck to all the girls competing today and to all the team. go hard!!! and bring those medals home, show them what the NZ team is made of. This website has been fantastic.

All our love
Mum, Dad, Harmony, Sheylah & Paige and all the rest of the whanau

Hi Mark and all the Team

A quick note to say good luck and try your best.

Annette, Charmaine, Jessica and Laura

All looking forward to first results!
Best of luck Sherylene.
Love from Justin, Karen and Graham

Hi Jake

Just checked out your team website and see that you are competing tomorrow so best of luck and have fun!! We'll be thinking of you.

Kia kaha
S-J and Laird

Hey Aaron,

This is it... the moment you've been training so hard for, go out there on Thursday and give it everything you've got.
Show them what Aaron McIlwee is made of!!!

Remember that victory belongs to those that believe in it most ;)

Thinking of you

Love Jo

Dear Mark

I am thinking of you and wish you good luck for your two events.

If you do your best, then no-one can ask for more. We are all very proud of you.

Give them heaps, and come home safely.

Wish I could be there

Lots of love from Gran

Hi Mr McPhail, Toni, Mark, Steve, Dan, Luke, and TEAM

It's Gemma here. Well you all sound like you are having an awesome time (apart from Toni who had to cut her beautiful hair). Good luck to everyone who is competing today - I have complete faith in you. Wish I were there with you but hey... what can you do?

Luv you all lots and lots and can't wait to hear some results on this wonderful web page.

Bring home some gold (no pressure).

Hi Jake and "the team",

A big hello and good luck from everyone in the 4th year med class at Wellington School of Medicine. We check the website regularly and it's a great way to avoid study. The photos are amazing and we've spent some time playing "spot Jake". Are you a bit camera shy Jake? We're like proud parents!

We all wish you the best of luck.

Mya Cubitt and the 4th year medders

Hey Team, it is so good to be kept up to date on the site... sounds like you are all having a ball.

Hi Mr McPhail, I had to laugh when I saw that people tried to mug you... hahaha, boy did they pick the wrong people!

Well, the time is here, and all the hard training is going to come into effect for you all, and you will see that it was all worth it. You all know it, and all of us back here know it ITFNZ ROCKS!!!! We are all behind you, wishing you all success in the World Champs. We know you will give it everything you have, and we couldn't be prouder. Now, GO KICK SOME A**!!!!

Dan and Toni, you are doing our club proud. Give it all you've got, and no matter what the outcome, you will be winners in our eyes. Toni, you are an inspiration to everyone over here and especially our own club, after that momentous effort to lose that last bit of weight. You have every reason in the world to be proud of yourself.

See you all when you get back!!!


Hello to you all from Tamaiti Brunning. Good luck for your events - I hope you all do well and are feeling ready to win. Watching your every move and am keen to see we won a medal ASAP. Good luck Aaron from the Brunnings, Dion says he's got a gold medal and wants it matched, so there you go Mackie.
Give 'em hell NEW ZEALAND.

laters Tamaiti.

Greetings from Jamaica.
Your website is keeping us alive here. Keep up the good work.

Please tell the Jamaican team hello for us. Especially David Hall and Arthur Barrows (good friend and team Captain). Wish we could have been there. Put some more pictures please (stadium workout areas other teams.)
thanks again. and good luck.

Ryan Rampair III Dan

Hi New Zealanders!

How are you there in Italy?
Your website was the only one with the fresh news from Rimini and I like it. I feel like I am actually there!
I train Taekwon-Do too and I enjoy watching championships a lot! Especially that my boyfriend is competing in them!
Maybe you know him. He is on the Welsh Team, his name is Guy Hennequin. He will be competing in under 54kg individual sparring and I Dan Patterns.
Also in Team Sparring and Patterns.
I wish you all lots of luck for the championships!
I can't wait to hear more from you from Rimini!!! :)))

with best wishes

Hi Toni,
Yes!!!  You did it!
I knew you would make it
( I have been holding my breath and keeping all my fingers crossed these last few days)
Girl, you have tremendous spirit, keep it up for tomorrow.
All the best for the first day of competition everyone

Love, Carolina

Hi Dan and Team,

We want to wish you and the team all the very best as you take on the world.
Remember that our thoughts are with you and all your friends and family are thinking of you .  We are proud of you all, New Zealand may be a small country but we have a very large heart and lots of talent.The America's Cup, to name just one.Let your talent triumph and your heart get you through.
Kick butt fair and square.

Lots of love Mum & Dad.

Hi Dan,
I am behind you 100% Kick A....
I hope you have a good time and bring back lots of medals.
Love Terry.

Hi Dan ,
All the best ,have fun,we are proud of you,
Lots of love ,
Nana & Grandad.

Dear Toni,
        just a short note from all the the team at Ardmore Lodge.
All the best girl, don't think about those 4 - 5 course meals, just stay focused on the main event.
We're all watching this space so stay focused and go hard. We're all thinkng of you and know you'll do us proud!! Talk to you soon.
        Jamie, Lindsay. Courtney & Jordan

    P.S. Don't forget the plastic bag !!

Hi Chantelle

Good luck, do your best, we are very proud of you.  You have worked hard, now make it work.  We will be thinking about you this week.

Lots of Love

Mum and Dad

Hey Team NZ

Been reading the updates: Sounds exciting as it gets closer (and more nervous) to competition. Wishing you all well for your time in the ring and look forward to some positive feedback on the web site in the next few days.

Wayne Ebert

Hi Chantelle and the rest of the team.

Been reading what you guys have been up to, sounds like your all having a ball.  I'm so jealous of you.  Girls, don't spend too much money at those Italian shops and boys, don't spend all your time looking at those Italian woman.  Good luck for the championships, I hope you all give it your best and do really well.  Keep us informed and bring home some medals for us.

Lots of love Hayley.

Hey Kylee!  Greetings from the big old capital city.  It's 3rd July and I've just been reading all the updates - sounds like it's going fantastically aye.   My advice tho, is for you to hire a wheel chair for the next few days, and only get out of it to train and compete :o)

Hey have a blast - and good luck for the healing.  Will be thinking of you later in the week.



You have been lucky to have some of the best Instructors and Coaches NZ has to offer, remember their advice and the training you have had.

All our love and very best wishes for tomorrow

Mum and Dad

Hi Team

Good Luck Toni - hope weigh-in today goes well, keep sweating and remember Jake Goldsmith.
Now the competition is about to begin, we wish we were there to watch all your hard work paying off.
All our love and best wishes to you all.

Paul & Debbie Trotter

Go Kiwis!!!  Best of luck to the New Zealand team in Rimini.  Unfortunately, I wont be able to make it over to the Champs.  Would have loved to see you guys in person but I will be following your progress via the website and the regular updates from the Irish contingent.  For those of you staying in Europe afterwards, call me if you get to Dublin and I will make a start at repaying some of the hospitality shown to me last year.

Kevin Hannigan

Hi Team!

Hope you're all having an awesome time over there. Good luck, give it all you've got and most of all have fun!

Dave Sauvage

Hi Guys,

Best of luck to all of you and come home champions - Lawrence, just to let you know that my thoughts are with you for a fantastic tour - I'm sure, despite the pickpockets, you will enjoy Italy - a beautiful country.
Have a ball - speak to you when you get back!

Fond regards,

Hi Chantelle

Good luck to you and all the team, we will be thinking of you this week.
Mum and Dad are keeping us up with all the news.
Lots of love and special thoughts

Nana, Poppa and Auntie Diane.


Hope the flight hasn't worn you out or indeed the Italian nightlife. Just remember to save all your energy for those special techniques!!!!

Best wishes & Good Luck
Your Fellow Accounting Slaves

P. S. If you find any tycoons (goodlooking ones) who require accounting services bring them on home.

Hi Aaron
All the best of luck for Thu.  You have worked very hard for it and the gold will come.
Love you Mum Dad.

Good luck to the New Zealand team. Please say hello to team Canada for me and that we wish them the best of luck, especially our fellow Newfoundlander, Mr. Chris Legrow, IV Dan, who will be representing Canada in individual and team patterns, and individual and team sparring. He will be fighting as a hyperweight. Tell him that his fellow Newfie's are cheerin for him.

Scott Downey, Vth Dan
Newfoundland, CANADA

Dear Mr. McPhail

Where do you find the energy to do such a fantastic job with the New Zealand Website. I can't make it to this world championship as I have recently moved to Trinidad ( South Caribbean) to set up ITF there and I am once again studying ( BSc Civil Engineering) so as you can imagine funds are incredibly low. But I knew I could count on you web site to have all the updates I would need. Please say hello to the Jamaicans when you see them, I am in Jamaica now for a few weeks but was unable to see them before they left.

Enjoy the world games, wish I could be there.


Ryan Rampair III Dan

Trinidad & Tobago

PS your photography is extremely impressive.

Hi Team,
Think like champions, behave like champions and you will BE champions.
Remember that so long as you do your very very best, regardless of circumstances, you will be a champion no matter the result.
I wish you all good skill.
Do yourselves proud.

Focus on the NOW and the result will take care of itself.

It's your turn GOLD, GOLD, GOLD. (Hey Hong!)

My thoughts and best wishes are with you all.

Vince Pygott (III)
Secretary ITFNZ

Hey Team

Hi Chantelle it's your little brother, Hi rest of the team. You guys can win, just go out there and kick butt!

Good luck to you all, hope the ankle is ok Kylee, Mark leave those girls alone, and Jon, haven't you trained enough?


G day  team

My  name  is  Andrew  I  am  Chantelle's  uncle  from  oz.  I  will  be  watching  your  progress  with  great  interest.
I  hope  that  all  your  hard  work  pays  off  big  time, so  make  em  heed  make  em  bleed  but  most  of  all enjoy  yourselves  and  make  all  your  peers  jealous.

Hi Luke,
Hope your having a great time we all miss you. Everyone sends the regards from your club.Brownie says go hard, but he knows you will. Have fun we are all proud of you.
Say Hi to everyone.

Mum. DJ and Sarah

 A big shout out to the New Zealand team heading over to Italy !

I will be thinking of you all as you represent yourselves and country.
Mr.Salton and Mr.McPhail have passed on a great deal of experiance to you all over the preparation time, to them the whole country saids thankyou sir`s, Ko Mup Sum Neda.
Just one piece of advise from an old timer like me: 'SMILE"

Tae Kwon

Kapiti Coast Tae Kwon-Do - ITFNZ

Hi Paul,

Glad to know you all arrived in London, safely and by now you will be catching up on some sleep.
Have fun and best wishes to the team as it prepares for the Championships.

(Bill & Joan McPhail)

Best wishes from across the Tasman

RTR International Taekwon-Do would like to wish all our Kiwi 'Wantoks' travelling to Rimini, a great event.  Have fun in the sun competing, meeting, greeting and eating.  Wish we were there.

Rocky & Trish Rounthwaite,  Sunshine Coast - Australia
Bruce and Kerrien Imatana,  Papua New Guinea    (presently staying on the Sunshine Coast)

Hi guys

Mr. McPhail, Lawrence, Nikki, and Hayden, it was really neat to see you all.
Next time you guys should stay a bit longer ay?!  I can show you around.

Mr. McPhail, you looked very tired.  It's good to know you managed to get a shower though.
And email too!
Lawrence, your email address(yahoo) doesn't look right.  It doesn't receive any mails.
Always comes back with some error message.

All the rest of the team, good luck!!  It's a bit shame that I cannot be there to compete this time,
but I'll be following the latest news through this website!
Oh, don't get twisted ankle before the match...like I did.
Good luck again!  Kick their butt KIWIs!


Hi there TEAM
There at last!

Here's wishing you all the very best, put all that hard work into action, and go for it.
Enjoy the warm weather, another cold wet morning here in Auckland.  Keep the news rolling in.
Cilla and Paul, you are now TV stars, One News no less, up there with the Looi's, have got it on tape, so will
keep it for you.


Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to wish you all good luck one last time. Although I wasn't able to come, I'll be thinking of you every day that you are away, and will be with you in spirit.

All my love and best wishes,
Do New Zealand proud!


Hey there, Team New Zealand!

Best of luck in Rimini. We're all leaving on Friday and can't wait to get there.
This should be fun. If you see the garish red-white-and-blue, stop by and say hello.

Best wishes,
Bryan James
Team USA




To all the team

Someones gotta pay for all the training you've done, so make sure its your opponents.
Do your best, look out for each other, and bring home some great stories.

To Loz - the ball's in your court and you know the rules, so just relax and let it happen.
You can do it man.

From Grant Eccles and the Hamilton Club members

All the best.
Do us proud.
Carry on the tradition of the Kiwis as the friendliest team!
I'll be at the airport to help you carry the medals through. :o)
sue breen

Hi from Levin! 
Best wishes and good luck to all the Team, we hope all the training pays off!! 
Kerry,Stacey,Wade and Taylor 

From me and all the members of Meadowbank.....give 'em (Kiwi) Hell.....but most of all, look after each other and come home safe.

 Pete Graham


>From the girls in Customer Services 

all the best for italy, knock em dead and don't forget the italian for mum.

lots of love 

Hi Team,
                Just a quick line ,to wish you all the very best on your venture to the world champs, we all know you have done the hard yards in your months of training, and now its almost show time.
Have a good trip.Best wishes from the: RANGITIKEI  DRAGONS

Hi Team

Time is fast approaching for takeoff. Will be thinking of you all in your travels and especially at the world championships.  Hope all goes well and no doubt everyone is in peak condition........  We certainly haven't forgotten you all and wish we could be there too.  However will keep updated via the net to see how its all going.

Bestest of Luck, Hugs and Kisses
Jill & Gemma Walton

On behalf of ITFNZ I want to thank you to all of you for making the sacrifice to representing ITFNZ and New Zealand at the World ITF Championship. You have trained hard and had tried your best to raise the necessary funding to get to Italy. I want you to compete as a champion and as a fine sportsperson. Please be supportive and look after each other.
Take care and best of luck to you all.
Norman Ng
President of ITFNZ

Wow It's Time,
I'm writing to give my best wishes and support to all team members,

Steve McQuillan


Dear all,

Not long to go now to the Worlds in Italy, will hope to catch up with Mark on Sunday and will be looking forward to meeting you all soon.
The offer is still available for anybody to come training with a number of classes around the UK.
Keep in contact, otherwise will see you in Italy

Kind regards
Yours in TaeKwonDo

Christopher Black ITF Walescblack@tuckerman.co.uk

Flags courtesy of ITA's Flags of All Countries used with permission.