International Taekwon-Do
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team member Aaron McIllwee
team member Chantelle Bennett
team member Cilla Brown
team member Daniel Jackson
team member Graham Patterson
team member Hong Looi
team member Jaime Retti
team member Jake Pearson
team member Jeanette Joe
team member Jon Sawden
team member Kylie Cusin
team member Lawrence Mantjika
team member Lena Walton
team member Luke Thompson
team member Mark Trotter
team member Nikki Mantjika
team member Ry Goldsmith
team member Sherelyne Kohiti
team member Steven Morris
team member Toni Moki
Coach Andrew Salton
Manager Carmen Schwager
Assistant Coach Paul McPhail
Supporter Hector Schwager
Supporter Nicole Retter
Supporter Barbara Inglis
Supporter Alana Inglis
Supporter Allan Gillon
Supporter Hayden Breese
Supporter Cedar Brown
Supporter Vanessa Morris
Supporter Kirsten Smith
Supporter Steven Arnold
Supporter Angela Tavite
Supporter Joseph Tavite
Supporter Beryl Cusin
Supporter Leanne Cusin
(joining us from 4 July)
Member of
Organising Committee
Mark Banicevich and Michelle Farquason