International Taekwon-Do
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Day Two

Jaime sparring England

Female Team Pattern

... and zoomed out...

Paul McPhail VI and Jeanette Joe IV
watching the girls perform

Kylee Cusin - "I've got two more days before I compete!"

Lena Walton III

"License to Kill in Self Defence"

Aaron McIlwee - NZ Lightweight

Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha and Master Park Joong Soo

Master Wim Bos, Mr Fabian Nunez and Dr Weinstock

President of Italy ITF Mr Giovanni Cecconato, V Dan

Mark Banicevich being Official, Andrew Salton being Coachy,
and Aaron McIlwee

Team Puerto Rico and supporters

More of Aaron - Andrew Salton looking on.


Toni making the distance on overhead kick

Our Female Special Technique Team :
Toni Moki, Chantelle Bennett, Sherylene Kohiti

8th dan Master from Puerto Rico and senior 4th dan

New Zealand Male Team Pattern...

... must have been pretty good!

More of the same

Daniel Jackson - scoring 3 points in Team Special Technique
with a High Reverse Turning Kick