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The New Zealand Team to the ITF 2003 World Championships

Left to Right   (scroll to see the important folk on the right!)
Lewis Looi, Alison Roma, Erin Boshier, Hong Looi, Antje Hollander, Lena Walton,
Richard Cotter, Lawrence Mantjika, Kenny Chiang, Cameron Snelling, Suzanne Main, Kim Bull,
Jon Sawden, Carolina Dillen, Matthew Kiernan, Alix Bartholomew, Thu Thach, Darren Ward,
Rene Kunz, Megan Matsuoka, Jarrod Ramsay, Carla Kunz, Greg Skinner, Andrew Niven

Folks who missed the photo-op (or successfully hid behind someone tall!)
Graham Patterson, Carl van Roon, Paul McPhail



From loyal fans


"Once more - with feeling"  (you had to be there)


"Andrew - you'd look great in this"
(Antje holds a garage sale to get the weight down in her carry-on)



I knew I'd seen this guy somewhere before

"I'll show you yours if you'll show me mine"
Cellphones with pictures seem to provide much amusement.


What's this - The Three Tenors??

or - ummm......


The Swansong
Lawrence Mantjika, Lena Walton, Gray Patterson,
veterans of several  Worlds,
that this will be their last champs.



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