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Update - Monday 10 am NZ time
Hi girls.  Well, a few interesting things have happened.  I guess you all heard about the car crash, both of them and our trip to La Boca, which was amazing to see but a complete rip off for unwary tourists. 
Laura is in seventh heaven because an Argentinian soccer team has moved into the hotel.  Her jaw is constantly on the ground every time one of them walks by.  It┤s not hard to keep her happy.
Andrew  has been trying to take everyone out with arm swings.  He was trying to point out where he was going to go and swung an arm out to point in some direction and managed to put a fist in Gabriella┤s husband┤s eye.  After many apologies and jokes he then swung an arm in the other direction and put that in Lawrence┤s face!!  Well done Andrew.
Nikki is proving very popular with the local guys because of her lovely blond hair.  When she wears it down she looks like Lady Godiva (excuse my spelling, though I don┤t think she will be riding any horses in the flesh!!!!!  Though I bet most of them would not mind.)  Many of the guys turn and look at her but one guy actually stopped and spun a 360 to have a better look!!
Last night the bell boy gave me a present which turned out to be an Agrentinian flag badge with instructions "Do not forget me".  Justin said he would give the bell boy something in return, like a reverse turning kick in the head!!  All good fun though.  I┤m flattered.  It┤s always nice to be appreciated which Nikki, Laura and myself seem to be getting a lot of.  Very good for a girl┤s ego.  Jealous guys??
Oh yeah.  Shame about the rugby but us girls were busy with other things.  


P.S. Message from Nikki.  Can I have a nice photo please when you put my report up??!!


Hi everyone,  Well I have finally found the time, and a free computer (thanks Matt) to keep you up to date on all the happenings over the last few days, from the girls point of view. 

Yesterday we went to La Boca, as you have read from the main report.  It was great.  The artwork there was amazing.  Sherylene (at this point I have to mention that this is the hardest name for the Argentinians to pronounce!!) saw a wonderful painting of a traditional La Boca house entrance and asked the price "Quanto Questa?", "$16 peso" was the answer, we all thought that was a great price.  She decided to buy it after we had eaten lunch, but when we returned another guy was at the stand and he told us it was $60 peso.  Must of changed the price when they discovered we were tourists.  So in the end Sherylene didn┤t get it (of course).  There were so many styles of paintings and drawings in the market, it was great to see.  Barbs found a stall with leather masks (no, not those sort of leather masks) and bought one (Matthew too - but we don┤t need to mention him as this is the women┤s report!!!).  She also bought a beautiful "Inca Rose" (national stone) Tucan in town.

Yesterday we were led to believe that there was going to be a Soccer Team party in the ballroom (they are staying here) and Laura was VERY happy all day, but disappointed when people started turning up for a Barmitzva Party, and there were heaps of 13 year old girls at the party (although Tonee was very happy).  Never mind, she always has the Bell Boy to look at.  Plus many more.  I am sure that you will have all heard by now about the crash.  Poor Sherylene was fine when she got back to the Hotel, until we all started worrying about her, and then the shock set in.  Then the waterworks started.  But these things come in threes right... The night before Sherylene, Lawrence, Carmen┤s sister and I were in a taxi coming home after partying, and the car in the lane beside us crashed into the car in front of it and nearly took us out with it!! Spooky stuff.  Then.... yesterday morning a car was driving along 9th of July Street and tried turning the corner at approx 120km/ph.  Not a good idea! But amazingly he narrowly missed a lamp post and managed to brake in time.  Now we have had 3 near misses it should be all over now. 
Anyway, better go and shop (again).  So much to look at, but things seem to be so expensive when you convert it.  So Adios Amigos, keep sending more messages, Its great to hear from you all.  

Bye for now.  Nikki M.



Hello girls! 

Well, as you may have read on Friday we went on a train and river boat ride and on the way to the train station, Laura, Nikki and myself were lucky enough to "accidentally" bump into a troop of young argentinian navy officers (actually we spotted them and couldn┤t resist the chance for a Kodak moment). All of them seemed quite keen but kept on looking at their senior officers for approval which was quite funny. Soon all the guys were bunched around us and Laura had her hand on one of their bayonets with a very funny pose and Nikki had two senior officers on either side of her. After a couple of shots many kisses were distributed to the officers at their request. 

Last night Carmen, her sister, daughter, Nikki, Laura, Lawrence and myself were taken to a nightclub called the Coyote which was very cool. Consisting of five bars joined together, you could hop to each one, back and forth. Bit of advice here girls, the 7th movement in Do San, the releasing technique comes in very handy because the guys will grab your hand and won┤t let go. Learn it!!! Or have tough guys around you you will put them of. I was lucky enough to have Mr Sutrisna to act as my personal body guard after an encounter with a rather enthusiastic male who thought that a kiss on the lips was better than the traditional kiss on the cheek. Watch out for that too. 

Well gotta go now. There is more shopping to do which my list includes chocolate and MORE clothes!!



Well hello to all our devout fans, you asked for it so here it is. The update on what us se˝oritas and se˝oras are getting up to.

Ok so even though it is supposedly 11 to 1 (females to males) we are getting along quite nicely. Yes there is the infamous bell-boy but for all those keen to know THERE ARE MORE... yes although not in as plentiful supply as the chicas, they are still lurking around. As you most probably heard we had Tango lessons yesterday and, well, lets just say that Mariano ┤knows how to shake that groove thang┤. Also the little strolls that we partake in with the team are well worth while, a chance to check out the local talent and it is quite ┤bueno┤.
But don┤t worry we are not only here to check out the opposite sex the shopping is ┤estupendo┤. There are dinky little shops that sell millions of different hair accessories, along with imitation ck one, Be, Obsession etc, so for all our close friends you know what you┤ll be getting... There are many clothes shops too, and the best thing is they don┤t sell just black and grey, I can prove this one! Wait until you see the ┤bright┤ pink skivvy I have, it is sooooo cool.
The one thing that gets me about the shops is that you can walk down Florida (the main shopping street) and if you see a shop you like then you will see it again 10 metres down the road. Figure that one out!
Now for a bit of the Argentinian night life. Last night myself and Sherylene decided we couldn┤t come to Argentina and not get a taste of their night culture. So after meeting an ex Christchurch University student only a couple of hours ago, we decided to give him a call and go out on the town with the locals. Accompanied by Hong and Aaron L (of course) we set off in taxis to some unknown little bar, about five minutes drive from the hotel. 
On arrival I felt a little out of place wearing metallic blue vinyl pants and semi split black shirt and Sherylene also feeling a little odd, in smart grey pants and a sparkly singlet top, when everyone else was wearing...Jeans, yes they wear jeans to go out clubbing, I mean HELLO.
Anyway I managed quite a few odd looks in what I was wearing, but the night was, oh so exciting. Not being able to speak the lingo didn┤t really turn out to be too much of a problem, the little phrases we learnt came in handy though especially ┤no hablo Espa˝ol┤ meaning ┤I don┤t speak Spanish┤.  It was actually quite surprising how many guys could speak English, well I guess it could be called English, somehow.
The guys over here seem quite intense, you have a conversation with them for two minutes and go to leave and then all of a sudden ┤No don┤t leave me you are breaking my heart┤ or ┤How would you like a taste of the greatest latin lover you will ever meet? You don┤t want to pass up the opportunity of a lifetime┤ ...
unfortunately all of them received short sharp NO┤s. Sorry girls but we were not interested.
Anyway if any of you out there would like any more details or information on their cute little ┤colas┤ you can email me at But I┤m sure Nikki will let you know more at a later stage, we are after all hitting the town again tonight, and she┤s promised to send another update for the girls. Until then all you wonderful Kiwi chicks have fun... hasta la vista!



Hello New Zealand.  Well my first time overseas has been quite an experience so far, I have never been told by so many guys that "I love you", and it is getting really annoying.  I know, hard to understand but trust me girls, it gets very annoying.  The shopping is excellent, a lot of great clothes shop but a bit of advice, do not go shopping with the guys (of course) as you will only go to sport shops!

Being a supporter is a very good idea for those who want to go next time but are not competing.  You can go and party all night and not have to worry about getting up at 7am the next morning for a hard training as the team had to do this morning!  Yes, it is a hard time being a supporter.
There are 70 TV channels available on the TV┤s in our rooms, a lot of them soccer and a few X-rated (which the guys love, though they will deny it!). So it┤s best for the girls to go out and shop and stare at all the cute guys, there are a lot (not that I ever look, I┤m not like that!).
However, must go now as there is more shopping to be done and more guys to be had, whoops wrong way around.
Chow!  Sherylene.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Good grief.  [shakes head in disbelief]  *This* is what you wanted? Shopping, clothes, and cute butts?
No wonder my updates left you unsatisfied...
- Matt B.


"You know, men are really handy to have around!"

- Sherylene Kohiti.


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