Peewee Tournament February 2007
38 Entrants

Allow 3 days after sending in a webform entry, or 7 for a snail-mailed entry.Then if you do not appear on this list, contact the organiser
Check that the correct entered events are shown.
If payment was made by Internet banking, payment should be shown within a few days.
Name Rank Club Patterns Sparring Power Special Payment
Adams-Hunt, Ice6WAIYYY
Barry, Holly4INFPYYY
Barry, James4INFPYY
Bell, Damien8WKUYY
Butchart, Max10JSMRYY
Butchers, Nathan5BOTYYY
Chappell, Brooklynne9PMPYY
Chappell, Christian7PMPYY
Cleland, Casey9BOTYY
Cole, Brody4ARDYYY
Cooper, Dylan7BOTY
Covacich, Nathan9BOTYYY
Covacich, Shane10BOTYYY
Craggs, Michael8BOTYYY
Crandall, Joshua9JSMRYY
de Boer, Nathanael6PMPYY
Edwards, Hunter5INFPYY
Hart, Joshua7PMPYY
Kennedy-Lowe, Shania8HURYYY
Kiteley, Liam7JSMRYYY
Lamb, Jordan8JSMRYYY
McCorkindale, Brandon9BOTYY
McCreedy, Angel6DSPYYY
McNie, Ryan8JSGYY
McPhail, Jacob7PMPYYY
McPherson-Whimp, Jordan8JSMRYY
Moore, Georgia6DSPYYY
Moore, Katie5DSPYYY
Parkes, Ester4PMPY
Perrin, Rex8JSMRYYY
Potaka, Billy6PMPYYY
Potaka, Jess8PMPYYY
Spooner, Jake10JSMRYY
Spooner, Leroy4JSMRYY
Stanisich, Catherine6DSPYY
Watene, Alexa8HURYYY
Webb, Vaughan9JSMNYYY
Wilson, Tane7JSMRYY