Celebrating 20 000 hits to our website!
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We are celebrating 20 000 hits to the ITFNZ homepage.

50000 hits

We hope you have enjoyed the development of the site - so please take a minute to look at the original page and read some of the background behind it all.

Special cake
The 20 000 cake presented to Mr Paul McPhail by the Auckland Regional Director Mrs Sue Breen.

Mrs Breen also presented Mr McPhail and Mr Breen with a T-Shirt each.

The original page - first uploaded mid 1996

Second layout with image map - late 1996

Technical Background

The webpage was originally set up by Neil Breen on his own private account, and once operating he showed it to a few instructors to get some feedback. We had seen the USTF website and we were keen to have one of our own. Neil approached the ITFNZ executive for the go ahead, and at the same time made an approach to The Internet Group (IHUG) for sponsorship. They agreed, and kindly supply us with the free disk space. In return, we encourage our members in New Zealand to use IHUG as a Service Provider (which many have done) and give them a mention on our front page. Thank you very much to IHUG!

As I have a Desktop Publishing business, I offered to help Neil by keeping the news pages updated. My natural pushiness meant I had soon re revamped the design and convinced Neil to give me the upload passwords! It has now become an obsession  - with sometimes half my day spent preparing the pages and uploading.

I use a combination of Frontpage, Xtree Gold and Photoshop, plus the other usual utilities, to achieve a simple layout which I hope is not too horrible. I gather news from where ever I can and try to keep the pages updated as often as possible. We are always looking for any ideas - and there are so many we have not had the time to achieve. We would also like any original articles - please let us have your contributions.

Paul McPhail

Message from Neil Breen...

When I conceived the ITFNZ web page a few years back - I thought of it as a way of improving communications - having ITFNZ documents available for members to access anytime - and a quick way to get updates out to people.

Although I hoped it would provide some promotion for ITFNZ also, I never dreamed that it would become an Internationally acclaimed site. I have no reservation in laying the blame for that success squarely on the shoulders of Mr Paul McPhail, 5th Dan - who has tried to avoid "making it look too horrible".

I'm the mechanic - I do my bit to keep things going and toss the odd good idea in the pot - but Mr McP is the driving force that has lifted this site out of the ordinary.  A combination of professional graphics design, an empathy with users both experienced and beginner, and especially a devotion to keeping the page dynamic and fresh has justly earned the superlatives that are becoming a regular part of the guestbook messages.

I doubt that many members of ITFNZ realise how much time and effort Mr McPhail does put into the site - which is raising the profile of  ITFNZ world-wide.

It was quite exciting to hear comments made by the Masters attending the recent Seminar in Auckland about how well known the page was in their circles.

I have no doubt that Mr McPhail, a devoted student of Taekwon-Do, felt a great thrill on seeing the guestbook entry from General Choi. The General does nothing lightly - I certainly consider it an honour for him to have given this endorsement to our Web page.

So we now look to the future - from 20,000 to 2,000 - I wonder what the hit rate will be at the turn of the millennium - and what services we may be providing to the international TKD community.

Message from Paul McPhail...

Thanks to all of you who have supported our page - from it's humble beginnings that only Neil and I looked at, to one that today receives over 100 hits each day.

Neil Breen, 2nd dan from our Meadowbank branch did all the hard work setting the page up - long before the "easy" html editors were available. It is Neil's programming skills that has brought you the guestbook, page counter, hints and tips section - and lots more to come.

We love to get your comments in the guestbook - please keep them coming.

Below are a few of the great comments we have received - just to show off a bit - on our big 20 000 hits celebration!

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Guestbook Favourites:

...as it has been a real bonanza to me..My interest and hobby is TKD and through your list have
been able to meet numerous of your other visitors. Am still fairly new to
the net and your page has been of more use to me than anything else I have
found. Thanks a million until you are better paid.
Sterling Pollard

Great job you people doing here.this is yet the best homepage I've seen among other ITF clubs all around the globe.
So keep up he good work and make me well informed
Ng Jin Cherng, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Your website is without question the best in the martial arts world.
Thank you for keeping it updated.
Glenn Taylor, Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China

This is an absolute brilliant page, and very easy to access
Well Done
Ross Strong, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

I am just starting to get into using the computer for surfing. Your site is one of the finest I've come across
Guy Williams, Fairbanks, Alaska

the best home page on tkd that i have seen
douglas dickmann, rostrevor, south australia

Greetings from London, England,
Good to make contact with this excellent site.
Nissan Moradoff, London, middlesex, England

I am an ITF member in my country.
My instructors name is Tsairelis Christos
I send you my best compliments for your website.
My best regards
Iliadis Dimitris, Thessaloniki, Greece

I have viewed your website many times over the past three months as well as other ITF websites.
I have found that your website has been the most informative as well as well set up by FAR!
Thank you for answering many of my questions indirectly and keep up the great work of spreading the knowledge of our art!
David Corra, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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