The new system, introduced September 2011, puts greater control in the hands of instructors to access gradings when and where they need them. This means clubs are no longer limited to three grading rounds per year and can plan a grading when it suits their students. We believe that the new system will benefit clubs, instructors and students with more flexibility meaning gradings work for students and clubs and not against them.

The Instructor will decide when their school needs a grading. For example, there may be a group of beginners that have been training a few months and are ready to grade. Or there may be group of senior belts that have exams in November so you can organise a grading for them in December. Or alternatively clubs can remain with the current 3 times a year calendar if they wish. Clubs can get together to grade or go it alone.

Examiners remain those that are at least 4th degree International Instructors, and have passed the ITFNZ Examiners Course and completed the practical training. Examiners are also moderated and have their qualifications updated periodically. Examiners are still permitted to grade their own students, but they are also able to invite other examiners to grade at their school if they wish.

In the middle of each year, our Masters conduct the gradings throughout the country. This enables other examiners to be moderated, and for the Masters to keep a check on the standard.