Senior Dan Grading Character Reference

Thanks for agreeing to be a character reference for a senior dan grading candidate. For such a senior rank, it is important that we make sure all candidates have the full support of other seniors in the organisation.

Please answer the questions below fully and honestly, 6 months prior to the candidate's grading.


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Name of the grading candidate
Date of Grading
Your relationship to candidate (eg fellow instructor, mentor, Regional Director et)
How long have you known the candidate?
Do you think the candidate is of good character, lives the tenets of Taekwon-Do and worthy of this grading application being accepted?
Can you give a brief summary of the candidates character, including what you know about his/her contribution to Taekwon-Do and/ or other relevant information.
Any relevant Documents Attach any relevant documents you may have to support this reference.
Other information (Any final comments)

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