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Sparring Syllabus Seminar
August 11, 2021
At: Warrior TKD, 198 Marua Road, Ellerslie
Taken by: Mr Mark Trotter

Faruq Alsaudi
Matinah Ayobie
Zaker Ayobie
Jackie Bebbington
Ataahua Angel Sarai Beckham
Zarah Boon-Tavares
Morgan Bowler-Parkin
Thomas Brannan
James Camons
Sean Carver
Sophie Carver
Michael Child
Amy Childs
Dean Childs
Eden Childs
Natalie Childs
Matthew Ching
Chase Mason Crawford
Steph Crossley
Ashwini Datt
Johannes De Beer
Brendan Doogan
Tayla Dougherty
Kenan Egene
Stephanie Fill
Amy Gielen-Stevens
Tristan Glen-Gaul
Hugh Goddard
Fletcher Grant
Lachlan Grant
Cooper Green
Kahlyce Green
Murray Greig
Glen Harding
Debbie Hart
Antony He
Kai-Hsiang Hsu
Caylix Isaia
Madison Isaia
Tallyn Isaia
Kevin Joe
Jashraj Khatri
William Khieu
Gaurav Kung
Andrew James Lee
Helena Lum
Hugh McConnell
Gavin McFall
Katherine McLaughlin
Reena Menezes
Sonya Michelsen
James Miller
Louise Molon-Noblot
Damyan James Ji Ng
Nicola Pallin-Simmonds
Sienna Pallin-Simmonds
Fintan Quayle
Michael Quayle
Jaskeerat Randhawa
Seval Rathod
Arissa Raufie
Keith Remnant
Sonya Robinson
Dylan Sauvage
Luke Sauvage
Sachin Sharma
Shawn Sharma
Eyad Shmendi
Jonathan Sia
Felix Stephen
Pereise Suluape
Naketa Rose Tau'atevalu
Kara Timmer
Winston Tupou
Brice Valles
Lee Walter
Gretel Ward
Bevan Yee
Carmen Yip
Edward Zang
Claire Zhang

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