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ITFNZ Instructor Course
May 21, 2022
At: Raumati South Hall
Taken by: Grand Master Paul McPhail

Nathan Bowden
Dane Canton
Gregory Christie
Michael Conway
Leaine Devine
Tania Gilmour
Anush Goel
Brenna Greene
Craig Hannah
Jock Henderson
Kees Hooper-Whiti
Shirley Hooper-Whiti
Bryce Jerebine
Neel Khalate
Brett Kraiger
Nicholas Lee
Ben Linstone
Simon Lloyd-Evans
David Lo
Nick Lourantos
Michael Lowe
Joy Mackenzie
Master Lawrence Mantjika
Alexander McKeown
Duane Meek
Connor Mitchell
Dev Patel
Master Graham Patterson
Suzanne Patterson
Jake Pearson
Carmel Ponga
Wei Ren
Carl Robinson
Hamish Smith
Brenda Snow
Karen Taylor
Kate Taylor
Winnie Third
Margaret Tollenaar
Felix Vidal
Joseph Virgo
Alois Vogt
Graham Walshe
Ian Walton
Lena Walton
Darren Ward
Rachel Watt
Amelia Williams
Simon Williams
Cruise Wilton
Chris Woodill
Suzanne Woodill
Brittany Young
Samantha Young

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