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International Instructors Course
March 01, 2024 - Last Entry Date: February 09, 2024
At: AMI Netball Centre, Auckland
Taken by: ITF Technical Committee

Mr Mark Baldwin
Mrs Margot Bawden
Mr Dion Bennett
Master Mahesh Bhana
Mrs Zarah Boon-Tavares
Miss Morgan Bowler-Parkin
Mrs Melissa Bray
Master Matthew Breen
Mr Bob Brown
Ms Helen Caley
Master Ian Campbell
Mr Paul Chadwick
Ms Sheryl Chase
Mr Wei Loong Cheng
Miss Amy Childs
Mrs Natalie Childs
Mr Gregory Christie
Mrs Anna Cooper
Mr Haydn Cooper
Mr Peter Cossey
Mr Tim Couling
Mrs Mary Daborn
Mr Matthew Davey
Grandmaster Evan Davidson
Mr Mark Davies
Mr Jonathan Devine
Mrs Leaine Devine
Mr Brendan Doogan
Miss Danielle Drylie
Mrs Gemma Eastwood
Master Grant Eccles
Mr George Elvin
Mr Abram English
Miss Baylee Filer
Mr Nahuel Genti
Mr Victor Gilpin
Mr Tristan Glen-Gaul
Mr Paul Hammond
Mr Glen Harding
Mrs Debbie Hart
Mr Samuel Hinchcliff
Mr Kees Hooper-Whiti
Mrs Claire Iszard
Mr Dean Jenkins
Mr Mike Jensen
Mr Kevin Joe
Mr Glyn Jones
Mr Neel Khalate
Mr Nicholas Lee
Mr Shen Meng Lee
Mr Nick Lourantos
Mrs Helena Lum
Mr Simon Mallinson
Mr John Matsuoka
Mr Kishan Mistry
Mr Connor Mitchell
Mr Bjarne Morris
Mrs Rachel Morton-Jones
Miss Lea Muetzel
Mr Hung Nguyen
Miss Khanh Nguyen
Mrs Thu Nguyen
Mr Tane O'Rorke
Mr Dev Patel
Master Graham Patterson
Master Suzanne Patterson
Mr Jake Pearson
Mr Oliver Pearson
Mrs Florinda Petterson
Mr Anthony Phillips
Mr Vince Pygott
Mr Michael Rail
Mr Jarrad Ramsay
Master Kane Raukura
Mr Wei Ren
Mr Michael Renner
Mr Bryan Reynolds
Master James Rimmer
Mr Carl Robinson
Mr Shane Rogers
Ms Nina Ross
Mrs Fiona Simmonds
Mrs Brenda Snow
Mr Aryono Sudyatmiko
Miss Ria Sutrisno
Mrs Kate Taylor
Mr Shaun Tolley
Mr Brice Valles
Mr John Van Gorp
Mr Alois Vogt
Ms Wedaad Waja
Mr Graham Walshe
Master Darren Ward
Mrs Zharna Welch
Mr Cameron White
Miss Amelia Williams
Mr Simon Williams
Miss Larissa Wilson
Ms Janice Wong
Ms Carmen Yip
Ms Brittany Young
Master Christine Young
Ms Samantha Young
Master Rod Johnson *
Miss Jesse Vick *
Miss Kate Leone *
Mr Chetan Raj Giri *
Mr Joshua Christian *
Mr Joshua Wachtel *
Mr Marc Fitzsimons *
Mr Nigel Paul *
Mr Prabesh Darai *
Mr Rajendra Lama *
Mr Shankar Dev Shrestha *
Mr Sita Ram Darai *
Mrs Andrea Dimitropoulos *
Mrs Andrea Smith *
Mrs Angela Giampietro *
Mrs Teresa Guiney *
Ms Karen Ingram *
Ms Mary Dimitropoulos *
( * indicates non-ITFNZ member)

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