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Register for: International Instructors Course
March 06, 2020
At: AMI Netball Centre, Auckland
Taken by: ITF Technical Committee

This event is open to non-members.
If you do not have a membership#, leave blank. (will show on list with an * )
If you want results recorded, you will need to enter a membership#
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  • If you are under 18 years of age please obtain your parents permission and ask them to tick the box below agreeing to the following terms and conditions.
  • I agree not to hold International Taekwon-Do or the organisers responsible for any injury I may sustain during the event.
  • I agree to notify the organisers at least 48 hours in advance if I am for any reason unable to attend, so that someone can take my place. If I do not cancel I understand I am obligated to still pay the event fee.
  • I/we grant the School irrevocable permission to use photographs, audio recordings, videotapes, artwork or other likenesses of me/us for marketing, promotional, trade, demonstration, publishing or any other lawful purpose without remuneration.
  • I have read the waiver and release linked to here. By submitting my registration to this event I agree it is my intention to exempt and relieve the parties stated above and ITFNZ incorporated from liability for personal injury, or death caused by negligence or any other cause.

I agree to the conditions listed above and submit my registration


International Instructors Course
March 06, 2020
At: AMI Netball Centre, Auckland
Taken by: ITF Technical Committee

Lorraine Anderson
Michael Archer
Karen Attrill
Mark Baldwin
Master Mark Banicevich
Leona Barnes
Margot Bawden
Jackie Bebbington
Dion Bennett
Master Mahesh Bhana
Lou Black
Charlotte Blackwell
David Blackwell
Matt Bowden
Nathan Bowden
Morgan Bowler-Parkin
Master Matthew Breen
Hayden Breese
Ben Brown
Gwyn Brown
Sei Brown
Michelle Cagney
Helen Caley
Ian Campbell
Dane Canton
Sean Carver
Sheryl Chase
Gregory Christie
Michael Conway
Tim Couling
Mary Daborn
Matthew Davey
Master Evan Davidson
Mark Davies
Leaine Devine
Brendan Doogan
Danielle Drylie
Carolyn Dudley
Grant Eccles
Andrew France
Joseph George
Layne George
Tania Gilmour
Asher Gilpin
Victor Gilpin
Hugh Goddard
Luke Gokcen
Peter Graham
Murray Greig
Peter Gudsell
Tyrone Hale
Craig Hannah
Glen Harding
Debbie Hart
Lucinda Hendricks
Mischke Hendricks
Kris Herbison
Kees Hooper-Whiti
Mera Horton
Andrew Hunter
DeJaimero Iotua
Richard Iotua
Dean Jenkins
Kevin Joe
Glyn Jones
Jeny Mary Joseph
Nicole Kettings
Baik-Soo Kim
Brett Kimberley
Kim Kingsley
Brett Kraiger
Rene Kunz
JonPaul Lamberton
Nicholas Lee
Shen Meng Lee
Ben Linstone
Simon Lloyd-Evans
David Lo
Nick Lourantos
Michael Lowe
Simon Mallinson
Master Lawrence Mantjika
Fran Marshall
John Matsuoka
Kerry McEvoy
David McKearney
Stacey McLachlan
Duane Meek
Kishan Mistry
Bjarne Morris
Holly Munro
Hung Nguyen
Thu Nguyen
Hine Nolan
Peter Parata
Master Graham Patterson
Jake Pearson
Master Steve Pellow
Florinda Petterson
Mark Pettit
Rosemary Pettit
Anthony Phillips
Ashleigh Phillips
Vince Pygott
Kane Raukura
Wei Ren
Bryan Reynolds
Liam Reynolds
Brian Ricketts
Master James Rimmer
Carl Robinson
Sonya Robinson
Aaron Ross
Master Graeme Rounthwaite
Trish Rounthwaite
Brett Sanderson
Jon Sawden
Sachin Sharma
Fiona Simmonds
Abbey Smale
Brenda Snow
Jonathan Snow
Scott Sutherland
Winnie Third
Luke Thompson
Kara Timmer
Shaun Tolley
Hugh Tomlinson
Trevor Topfer
Mark Trotter
Nicola Tse
Winston Etekia Tupou
Fritz Uy
Brice Valles
John Van Gorp
Carl Van Roon
Alois Vogt
Tom Voller
Wedaad Waja
Graham Walshe
Darren Ward
Matthew Webster
Steven Webster
Courtney Weir
Zharna Welch
David Whimp
Cameron White
Curtis Williams
Simon Williams
Carmen Yip
Brittany Young
Christine Young
Samantha Young
Master Spiridon Cariotis *
Adam Purser *
Adnin Rais bin Ahmad Rizal *
Adriana Enciso Galindo *
Ahmad Najib Hashim *
Alan cushley *
Anastasia Cariotis *
Andrea Smith *
Angela Giampietro *
Azim Hashim *
Belinda Ratcliffe *
Bijaya Muktan *
Carlo Giampietro *
Cher Liang Tay *
Chetan Raj Giri *
Christophe Galibert *
Cristina Angheluta *
Darren finch *
David Dowling *
David Harris *
Ed Jobson *
Farhan Abdullah *
Florencia Issetta Recio *
Gail Jacobsen *
George Gabrielides *
Gerard KELLY *
Harith bin Anasat *
Heidi Lake *
Jennifer Carr *
Justin Brown *
Justin West *
Keith Broom *
Lisa Wise *
Madan Kumar Gharti Magar *
Marc Johston Lumagbas-Smith *
Marc Sheldon *
Michael Nguyen *
Michelle Millar *
Mohd Nurulamin bin Buang *
Mohsein bin Zulkefli *
Moustapha Omar El-Sheikh *
Muadz bin Mahabubul Moula *
Muhammad Haziq bin Mohammed *
Nigel Paul *
Nihlah binti Johari *
Nikki Amie-Fong *
Noor Nadhirah Sofeah *
Nurul Nadhirah binti Abdul Raz *
Peter Barbour *
Scott Lawrance *
Shannon Purser *
Shaun Peter Holmes *
Stephanie Galibert *
Tiina Ratamo *
Tony Nguyen *
Vaughan Rae *
Wan Fakhrusy Syakirin *

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