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  • All Instructors and Assistant Instructors must have have attended an Instructor Induction Course and have a current first aid certificate and Police Vetting to be qualified as an Instructor.
  • To remain qualified, Instructors must attend an Instructor Update Course or IIC at least every two years, as well as keeping your First Aid and Police Vetting current.
  • All Instructors and Assistant Instructors are listed on the database Directory and website Locations page. Expired dates are shown in red only in the Directory.
  • Assistant Instructors will appear on the directory - with any expired certificates in red. Only those fully qualified (current Instructors, First Aid Certificates. Police Vetting) get recorded in the database as an Official Assistant Instructor.
  • Minimum age for Instructors is 18. Assistant Instructors is 15.

Apply to:

  • Open a new school
  • Take over as the Instructor of an existing School
  • Become a Co-Instructor
  • Have an official Assistant Instructor at your School

The person instructing must have the following certification BEFORE you complete this form:

New School/Instructor Application

Name of person completing this form
Your email address
I wish to apply to

Instructor / Assistant Details

Instructor's Name
Title Mr Mrs Miss Ms Dr
Email address
Phone (home)
Phone (work)
Phone (mobile)
Photo (not required for Assistant) Attach a passport size photo in dobok

Instructor / Assistant Qualifications

Instructor has a current First Aid Certificate:
(Or equivalent / better qualification)
Date of course / qualification
NB: You must attached evidence of the First Aid qualification. Please don't submit this form without it.
Instructor has attended Instructors' Induction Course
Date of course
Where was the course held?
  NB: You must have attended an Instructor Induction Course. Please don't submit this form without it.
Instructor has NZ Police Vetting completed?
NB: You must have Police Vetting completed. Please don't submit this form without it. You can apply for it here.

New School Information

(For New Schools only)
Name of the School e.g. Miramar Taekwon-Do
Co-Instructor's Name
(if any)
Assistant Instructor's Name
(if any)
Name of the venue e.g. Miramar North Hall
Address of the venue
Training days and times
What age will you accept new members?
Will you teach the Mini-Kids Program?
Areas your School services e.g. Miramar, Kilbirnie, Haitaitai
Your Website:
Opening Date
Please write a brief profile about the school or the instructor for the website.


Please tick:  
I wish to apply for a New School Kit
This School / Instructor / Assistant Instructor has
Regional Approval.

Date of meeting when this was approved
Other information

Terms & Conditions


Instructor Agreement:

Please read and agree to the Instructor agreement and tick the box below if you agree to accept the agreement.

I have read and agree to the conditions and agreement above

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