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Congratulations to our new examiners announced this week: Master Steve Pellow (Senior examiner) and Dr Thu Nguyen. Check out the scheduled gradings for 2018 here.

Senior Examiners
Master Paul McPhail (Chief Examiner, 8th dan)
Master Evan Davidson (8th dan)
Master Rocky Rounthwaite (8th dan)
Master Mahesh Bhana (8th dan)
Master James Rimmer (8th dan)
Master Andrew Salton (7th dan)
Master Gray Patterson (7th dan)
Master Steve Pellow (7th dan)
Mr Peter Graham (6th dan)

Regional Examiners
Mr Lawrence Mantjika (6th dan)
Mr Mark Banivcevich (6th dan)
Mr Kane Raukura (6th dan)
Mr Grant Eccles (6th dan)
Mr Darren Ward (6th dan)
Mr Hayden Breese (6th dan)
Mr Vince Pygott (5th dan)
Mr Gwyn Brown (5th dan)
Dr Thu Nguyen (5th dan)

Trainee Examiners (2017-18)
Ms Rose Cherrington
Mrs Christine Young-Jasberg



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