Due to the extremelt heavy work load of the Masters, they are unable to take bookings for 2006. Seminars may commence again in 2007.


The ITF Masters Downunder Seminars are run over two days, in which all ranks have the opportunity to train with all three Masters throughout the weekend. Classes are divided into three groups, rotated between Masters Daher, Davidson and McPhail, so personalized tuition are devised for all skill levels. Over the course of the weekend the groups are combined so that junior and senior ranks alike can learn together under the guidance of the Masters.

Masters Daher, Davidson and McPhail have known each other since 1976, and it this long association that creates the unique atmosphere that is evident throughout the seminars. At the conclusion of the seminar, the students are given the opportunity to meet the Masters, ask questions and have seminar posters signed.

The 2005 Seminars included the following topics:

Master Daher:
Advanced Flexibility, Traditional Sparring and Free Sparring Drills for use at World Championship level.
Master Davidson:
Flying Techniques & Real self defence techniques that work.
Master Davidson has been a police officer for nearly 30 years.
Master McPhail:
Mastery of ITF Patterns and conditioning.



26-27 February 2005 Sydney, Australia See Photos
5-6 March 2005 Kapiti Coast, New Zealand See Photos
14-15 May 2005 Sunshine Coast, Australia See photos
1-2 October 2005 Whangarei, New Zealand See Photos