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Black Belt Grading

Auckland - 6th & 7th December 2003

Auckland Grammar School, Mountain Rd, Epsom
Examiners: Evan Davidson and Mahesh Bhana


Applications Closed Applicants' confirmed Grading completed Results Tallied Examiners comments written Entered in ITFNZ
Results emailed to applicants Results emailed to Instructors Results published here

Carl Billington Avalon 1st dan PI/Pass
Victoria Bauld Eastern (ITF) Pakuranga 1st dan PI / Pass
David Butchers Papakura 1st dan Retired injured
Papaka Brown Waiuku 1st dan Unsuccessful
Derek Coradine Raumanga 1st dan Pass
Samarn Coradine Raumanga 1st dan Unsuccessful
Uhn Coradine Raumanga 1st dan Pass
Byron Cummins Avalon 2nd dan Pass
Christopher Clencie Waiuku 1st dan Pass
Kenneth Clencie Waiuku 1st dan Pass
Craig Hannah Tauranga 1st dan Pass
Duncan Head Nibun-MtA 3rd dan Pass
Wayne Heywood Papakura 1st dan Pass
Robert Ireland Avondale 1st dan Pass Incomplete
Daniel Jackson Papakura 3rd dan Pass
Wendy Konia Hurupaki 1st dan PI/Pass
Xian Konia Hurupaki 1st dan Unsuccessful
Toni Moki Papakura 3rd dan Pass
Daniel Nicholson Eastern (ITF) Howick 1st dan Pass
Joanna Northey Nibun-Dio 1st dan Pass
Deborah Olesen Papakura 1st dan Pass
Stephen Pallant Hurupaki 1st dan Pass
Julia Palmer Nibun-MtA 1st dan Pass
Alisa Parker Papakura 1st dan Pass
Jeremy Paterson Jungshin-Red Beach 1st dan Pass
Cameron Snelling Nibun-MtA 3rd dan Pass
Peter Stet Te Awamutu 1st dan Pass
Sue Swann Ji Shin Keri Keri 1st dan Unsuccessful
Cori-Jean Topia Papatoetoe 1st dan Pass
Luke Thompson Pukekohe 2nd dan Pass
Nicola Tse Nibun-MtA 1st dan A Pass
Kirsten Vaughan Papakura 2nd dan Pass
David Wu Papatoetoe 1st dan Pass



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