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Epson Open 2001 Photos

Form up and introductions

Trophy Table

Spectators from above

Paul McPhail. Master Daher and Rocky Rounthwaite judging senior patterns

One of the most exciting bouts of the day - Hong from ITFNZ vs Steve from TUNZ

Hsau Jing Do vs TUNZ

ITFNZ vs Hsau Jing Do

Dan Jackson delivers a near knock out blow

Andrew Maait (Ih-Shim Australia) vs Alan Gillon (ITFNZ)

Ry Goldsmith wins his match

Luke Thompson - power breaking

Andrew Maait and Master Michael Daher

Rick Swaleh, Stuart Forte (Il-Shim) and Ross Cameron (Hsau Jing Do)

Ry Goldsmith

Best White/Yellow Belt - Philip Vlaskovsky - nibun Auckland Grammar

Best Green Belt - Nicola Tse - Meadowbank

Best Blue Belt - Shaun Davis - Devenport

Best Red Belt  - Carolina Dillen - Nibun Baradene

Best Black Belt - Samantha Johnson - Il  Shin TKD Australia

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