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Epson New Zealand Open Taekwon-Do Tournament

Sunday 23rd October 2005 - Labour Weekend
Papatoetoe High School gym
(Dragons Spirit Dojang)
Carlie Street, Papatoetoe (right gate)




Best Belt Trophy Winners:
Chris Broughton, Jody Griffin, Club representative for the injured Lizzie Fa'afili, Danielle Drylie and Hayden Anderson

An old shoulder injury counted Lizzie Fa'afili out of the sparring final - but she still had the points to take Best Over-all Blue Belt!

One of the best bouts of the day...Chris Broughton vs Mark Trotter

Over 100 competitors at this year's open...and it was great to see so many different styles and organisations represented.


Patterns Places

3rd Dan Patterns
Gold Mark Trotter GFD
Silver Toni Moki PMP
2nd Dan Patterns
Gold Luke Thompson XTR
Silver Wai Paraone SATKD
1st Dan Patterns
Gold Chris Broughton WKU
Silver Carlos Macdiarmid TNGA
Bronze Jeremy Hanna NMA
Female 1st Dan Patterns
Gold Bernice Ng NMA
Silver Rebecca Walthall NDI
Bronze Renee Richardson NBA
Male Red Belt Patterns
Gold Jody Griffin XTR
Silver Mitchell Leong DSP
Bronze Gary Fyfe HUR
Female Red Belt Patterns
Gold Melissa Timperley PMP
Silver Paige Moki PMP
Bronze Christine Topia DSP
Blue Belt Patterns
Gold Lizzie Fa'afili INFM
Silver Seiichiro Yamada IPC
Bronze Ryan Butchers ARD
Male Green Belt Patterns
Gold Kunihiko Kaneko IPC
Silver Zane Kendall WKU
Bronze Simon Shields SATKD
Female Green Belt Patterns
Gold Danielle Drylie NMA
Silver Erica Germain WKU
Bronze Samantha Griffin XTR
Male Yellow Belt Patterns
Gold Kegan Lauina SATKD
Silver Colin Robb WKU
Bronze Kyle Birchall XTR
Female Yellow Belt Patterns
Gold Phillipa Henry ARD
Silver Zharna Letfus NAP
Bronze Kendra Billington GURO
White Belt Patterns
Gold Hayden Anderson DSP
Silver John Robson XTR
Bronze Daniya Cowell-Smith GURO

Sparring Places

Mens Dan Hyperweight Plus
Gold Luke Thompson XTR
Silver Bruce Harrison DSP
Mens Dan Hyperweight
Mens Dan Heavyweight
Gold Daniel Thompson XTR
Silver Todd Drinkwater HUR
Bronze Robert Ireland AVO
Mens Dan Middleweight
Gold Chris Broughton WKU
Silver Mark Trotter GFD
Bronze Matthew Hartigan TNGA
Womens Dan Hyperweight
Gold Tessa Gyde SRK
Silver Wai Paraone SATKD
Bronze Rachel McBride NMA
Womens Dan Middleweight
Gold Renee Richardson NBA
Silver Ang McWatters NGA
Junior Boys Dan Hyperweight
Gold Chris Clencie PMWP
Silver Thomas Pygott JRB
Junior Boys Dan LightMiddleweight
Gold Gary Sawyer NOR
Silver Carlos Macdiarmid TNGA
Bronze Bradley Wickman PMP
Mens Gup Hyperweight Plus
Gold Seaton Rolleston SATKD
Silver Greg Clencie PMWP
Bronze Peter Guptill DSP
Mens 1-4 Gup Hyperweight
Gold Tui Makave INFM
Silver Michael Young AVO
Bronze Michael Hoy NMA
Mens 1-4 Gup Middleweight
Gold Jody Griffin XTR
Silver Mitch Rae XTR
Bronze Phil Sanders TAR
Womens 1-4 Gup Heavyweight
Gold Hiria Minnell SATKD
Silver Lizzie Fa'afili INFM
Bronze Laura Wilson-Simms WAKO
Womens 1-4 Gup LightMiddleweight
Gold Shan-Mei Chan WAKO
Silver Anita Ferner MBK
Bronze Aki Tanino IPC
Junior Boys 1-7 Gup Hyperweight
Gold Kegan Lauina SATKD
Silver Campbell Rehu SATKD
Junior Boys 1-4 Gup Heavyweight
Gold James Ogle NAP
Silver Ben Evans SATKD
Bronze Gary Fyfe HUR
Peewee/Junior Boys 1-4 Gup Lightweight
Gold Waka Clencie PMWP
Silver Robert Meleisea DSP
Peewee/Junior Boys 1-5 Gup Microweight
Gold Mitchell Leong DSP
Silver Ryan Butchers ARD
Junior Girls Red/Black Hyperweight
Gold Candice Millar XTR
Silver Hannah Warren NDI
Junior Girls 1-4 Gup Heavyweight
Gold Claire Kendall WKU
Silver Courtney Meleisea DSP
Junior Girls Red/Black Middleweight
Gold Christine Topia DSP
Silver Rebecca Walthall NDI
Bronze Hanna Kendall WKU
Junior Girls 1-4 Gup Lightweight
Gold Paige Moki PMP
Silver Melissa Timperley PMP
Mens 5-10 Gup Hyperweight
Gold Mark Linehan CHH
Silver Simon Shields SATKD
Bronze Damin Rossi HUR
Mens 5-8 Gup Heavyweight
Gold Kerry Mayall DEV
Silver Michael Tran DSP
Bronze Michael Archer PMWP
Mens 5-9 Gup Middleweight
Gold Colin Robb WKU
Silver Matt Belcher DSP
Bronze David O'Brien ROT
Mens 4-9 Gup Lightweight
Gold Hayden Anderson DSP
Silver Kunihiko Kaneko IPC
Bronze Seiichiro Yamada IPC
Womens 5-8 Gup Heavyweight Plus
Gold Jessica Lewis NMA
Silver Caroline Hare TNGA
Bronze Rebecca Stevens MBK
Womens 5-8 Gup Middleweight
Gold Danielle Drylie NMA
Silver Erica Germain WKU
Bronze Zharna Letfus NAP
Womens 5-9 Gup Lightweight
Gold Samantha Griffin XTR
Silver Jackie Bebbington ARD
Junior Boys 4-9 Gup MiddleHeavyweight
Gold John Robson XTR
Silver Tyrone Seeley EPAK
Peewee/Junior Boys 4-8 Gup Middleweight
Gold Andrew Sanders TAR
Silver Kyle Birchall XTR
Bronze David Westren WKU
Peewee Boys 4-8 Gup Lightweight
Gold Zane Kendall WKU
Silver Joshua Campbell SATKD
Peewee Boys 6-9 Gup Middleweight
Gold Taine Phillips ARD
Silver Jack Bebbington ARD
Peewee/Junior Girls 5-8 Gup Lightweight
Gold Phillipa Henry ARD
Silver Daniya Cowell-Smith GURO
Bronze Tiare Puna SATKD
Peewees (M&F) 7-10 Gup Microweight
Gold Joshua Jamieson JSG
Silver Aidan Campbell SATKD
Bronze Corrah Phillips ARD

Best Overall Belts

White/Yellow Hayden Anderson DSP
Green Danielle Drylie NMA
Blue Lizzie Fa'afili INFM
Red Jody Griffin XTR
Black Chris Broughton WKU



Are you a qualified umpire? Then we would love to have your assistance at the 2005 EPSON NZ OPEN. We also need time keepers and other helpers. Please fill out the form below to register as an Umpire or an Official. Thank you!

Full Time

Part Time

Master Paul McPhail
Mr Mahesh Bhana
Mr Grant Eccles
Mr Mark Banicevich
Mrs Chris Davidson
Mrs Shirley Pygott
Mr Thomas Pygott
Mr John Matsuoka
Miss Megan Matsuoka
Mr Rua Kaiau
Ms Cedar Brown
Miss Bernice Ng
Miss Julia Palmer
Mr Matthew Breen
Mr Michael Young

Mr James Rimmer
Mr Vince Pygott
Mr Kane Raukura
Mr Shaun Tolley
Mrs Amanda Tolley
Mr Dave Sawyer
Mr Gwyn Brown
Mr Richad Iotua
Mrs Natasha Iotua
Ms Desiree McNie
Mr Dave Butchers
Mr Bruce Harrison
Mrs Florinda Petterson
Mr Mark Hanna
Dr Cameron Snelling
Miss Iana Bikoulova
Miss Kristina Bikoulova
Mr Andrew Watson
Miss Any Reeder
Miss Siobhan Macdonald

Mr George Konia
Mr Gary Sawyer
Mr Brendan Doogan
Mr Luke Thompson
Mr Steve McQuillan

Officials / Time Keepers
Ms Kim Sawyer
Mr Sione Tupou
Miss Emma Pygott
Raymonde Hema
Mr Kavaki Taruia
Miss Xian Konia


Competition is open to yellow belts and above in Sparring and Patterns. No age limit.

Uniform and Equipment - For sparring mouth guards are compulsory. (Helmets are also compulsory and supplied by ITFNZ if needed). Sparrers should wear red or blue boots & gloves according to their corner - otherwise black. (Boots & Gloves are also available to loan from ITFNZ.)

It is not neccessary to wear the name of your Country or organistion on the back of the dobok.

The organisers reserve the right to create and merge divisions for sparring and patterns as required, depending in numbers of entries. Junior division will be created if there are sufficient numbers.

Patterns - will be divided into male / female divisions, and the ITF belt divisions. Juniors / Seniors will compete in the same division.

ITF rules apply with some amendments as seen appropriate by the organisers, such as those above (head gear).


Organiser: Master Paul McPhail
Tournament Director: Mr Shaun Tolley
Draw, Entries, Head Recorder: Sue Breen
Umpires: Mr Vince Pygott
Venue: Dragons Spirit Taekwon-Do
Mr John Matsuoka
Floor Managers: Nibun ITF
Chief Umpire: Mr Mark Banicevich
Tournament Arbiter: Mr Grant Eccles
Medals and Trophies: Sue Breen
Canteen: Xtreme Taekwon-Do
Accommodation: Quality Inn, 477 Great South Road, Papatoeote (walking distance)
Reservations: 0800 700 477 or 649 277 7320
$106.90 (1 or 2 people in a room), or $135 (4 people). Includes GST.
Registration & Weigh-In:
Natasha Iotua
First Aid:
St Johns

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