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Epson Open 2001 Results


White/Yellow Belt Patterns

Philip Vlaskovsky NAG 3rd
Ravi Dissanayake NAG 2nd
Daniel Chambers NAG 1st

Green Belt Patterns
Nicci Simmonds PPK 3rd
Hoani Pakau PPK 2nd
Nicola Tse MBK 1st

Blue Belt Patterns
Wendy Hornell PPK 3rd
Maxine Walkinshaw RTR 2nd
Shaun Davis DEV 1st

Red Belt Patterns
Taylor Walkinshaw RTR 3rd
Roseanne Te Hau INFP 2nd
Carolina Dillen NMA 1st

1st Dan Patterns

Carlie Dann RTR 3rd
Harmony Moki PPK 2nd
Cilla Brown NAU 1st

2nd Dan and above Patterns
Mark Trotter TAK 3rd
Samantha Johnson ILS 2nd
Hong Looi NAG 1st


Womens Green Middleweight
Nicci Simmonds PPK 3rd
Helena Murray NBA 2nd
Nicola Tse MBK 1st

Womens Green Heavyweight
Laura McIntosh NBA 2nd
Karaat Edwards WRU 1st
Mens Green LightMiddleweight

Mohamed Mohamed WRU 3rd
Philip Vlaskovsky NAG 2nd
Joe McGarry NMA 1st

Mens Green Heavyweight
Bobbie Marsters PPK 3rd
Wayne Edwards WRU 2nd
Hoani Pakau PPK 1st

Mens Blue LightMiddleweight
Jason Hornell PPK 3rd
Tristan Kotlar HJD 2nd
Daniel Nelson NMA 1st

Mens Blue Middleweight
Dave Butchers PPK 3rd
Nathan Harvey TAU 2nd
Fred Kapua HJD 1st

Mens Blue Heavyweight
Shaun Skedgwell TAU 3rd
Shaun Davis DEV 2nd
Jason Davis DEV 1st

Junior Girls RedBlack Medium
Harmony Moki PPK 3rd
Carlie Dann RTR 2nd
Amanda Brown PPK 1st

Junior Girls RedBlack Tall
Amanda Deadman PUK 3rd
Jessica Te Hau INFP 2nd
Roseanne Te Hau INFP 1st

Junior Boys RedBlack Tall
Chris Clencie WKU 3rd
Jonathan Prasad PPK 2nd
Sam Skinner NAG 1st

Womens Red Middleweight
Cedar Brown NMA 3rd
Anna Wintle DIO 2nd
Carolina Dillen NMA 1st

Mens Red Middleweight
Matthew Gapps ILS 2nd
Jody Griffin PUK 1st

Mens Red Heavyweight
Greg Clencie WKU 2nd
Dafydd Sanders NAG 1st
Mens 1st Dan Middleweight

Rick Swaleh ILS 3rd
Steve Walkinshaw RTR 2nd
Kim Bull RTR 1st

Mens 1st Dan Heavyweight
Luke Thompson PUK 3rd
Ricky Tupou SAT 2nd
Jaime Reti PPT 1st

Womens 2nd Dan+ Openweight
Jelena Drollet SAT 3rd
Sally Clark ILS 2nd
Samantha Johnson ILS 1st

Mens 2nd Dan LightMiddleweight
Steve Anderson TUNZ 3rd
Dan Jackson PPK 2nd
Hong Looi NAG 1st

Mens 2nd Dan MiddleHeavyweight
Alan Gillon INFM 3rd
Andrew Maait ILS 2nd
Ry Goldsmith BRO 1st


Power Test

Womens Black Belt Power
Sally Clark ILS 3rd
Samantha Johnson ILS 2nd
Jody Walkinshaw RTR 1st

Mens Black Belt Power
Dan Jackson PPK 3rd
Jon Sawden DEV 2nd
Jaime Reti PPT 1st

Special Technique Places

Womens Black Belt Special
Amanda Brown PPK 2nd
Samantha Johnson ILS 1st
Mens Black Belt Special

Hong Looi NAG 3rd
Jon Sawden DEV 2nd
Peter Casale HBC 1st

Best Belts

White/Yellow - Philip Vlaskovsky - Nibun Auckland Grammar
Green - Nicola Tse - Meadowbank
Blue - Shaun Davis - Devenport
Red - Carolina Dillen - Nibun Baradene
Black - Samantha Johnson - Il Shin TKD Australia


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