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Letter regarding the official 2007 World Championship products

Results of the National Raffle

It's Official - New Zealand placed 3rd in the World in both Junior and Senior World Champs Medal Count

Message from the Coaching Staff

If you attended the world champs in Canada, or were just watching the Net from home, we want your feedback so we can better plan for 2011, when NEW ZEALAND will host the ITF World Championships.
Tell us the things you really liked and ways it could have been improved.



World Champions
Carl Van Roon - Specialty
(3rd time World Champion)
Luke Thompson - Power
Eliza Buckland - Jr Power
Luke Thompson /Mark Trotter - Pre-Arranged Sparring
Snr Male Team - Specialty
Jr Female Team - Specialty
Jr Male Team - Power


Mark Trotter - Patterns
Jeremy Hanna - Jr Patterns
Shane Black - Jr Specialty
David Burr - Jr Power
Kristy Leong - Jr Power
Jr Male Team - Specialty
Jr Male Team - Patterns
Jr Female Team - Patterns
Jr Female Team - Power


Carolina Dillen - Patterns
Richard Lavin - Patterns
Carl Van Roon - Sparring
Shane Black - Jr Sparring
Stuart Maden / David Burr - Jr Pre-Arranged Sparring
Snr Female Team - Patterns
Snr Male Team - Patterns
Snr Female Team - Specialty
Snr Male Team - Power

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ITFNZ Finalists in ITF Hall of Fame

ITFNZ hade four members of it's delegation as finalists in the inaugural ITF Hall of Fame. They are:

Carl Van Roon, Johns Van Pierce, Alicia Yates and Master Paul McPhail. See a list of all the finalists here.


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