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ITF World Championships

The first ITF World Championships were held in Montreal, Canada in 1974. A few Kiwis attended World Championships as individuals in the 1980's, but it wasn't until 1994 in Malaysia that New Zealand began sending teams in force.

New Zealand won a Bronze medal at 1994 Champs and since then has not looked back. We now have many athletes training seriously to compete at world champs level and our performances are steadily improving.

Medalists and Management staff at previous World Champs are:

Champs Coach/Asstnt/Mngr     Medals
1994 Malaysia Senior C: David Lee Bronze 4th Dan Patterns
  Mark Rounthwaite
1997 Russia Senior C: Mark Rounthwaite 
C: Gary Hastings 
A:  Kevin Joe
M: Lena Walton
Bronze Team Power Test
  Lena Walton, Jeanette Joe, Julia Parker, Kylee Cusin, Leanna McCartney, Wai Paraone
1999 Argentina Senior C: Andrew Salton
A:  Lawrence Mantjika
M: Carmen Schwager
Bronze Power Test
  Graham Patterson
2000 Korea Junior C: Rua Kaiou 
A: Steve McQuillan
M: Debbie Trotter
Bronze Heavyweight Sparring
  Jake Goldsmith
2001 Italy Senior C: Andrew Salton 
A: Paul McPhail
M: Carmen Schwager
2002 Puerto Rico Junior C: Steve McQuillan 
A: Grant Eccles
M: Debbie Trotter
Gold x 3 Daniel Kerr, Kyle Caldwell, Mark Trotter
Silver x 2
Bronze x 4
NZ 5th Overall
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2003 Poland Senior C: Andrew Niven 
A: Lawrence Mantjika
A: Jan (Honza) Kubat
M: Greg Skinner
World Champ Gray Patterson
Gold x 3 Gray Patterson, Carl van Roon, Womens Team
Silver x 1
Bronze x 3
NZ 3rd Overall
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2004 Italy Junior C: Andrew Niven
A: Graham Patterson
A: Willy van de Mortel
M: Greg Skinner
World Champions New Zealand Female Team
Gold x 3 Female Team Special
Female Team Power
Nick Eley Power
Silver x 2 Rebecca Walthall Microweight Sparring
Male Team Sparring

Bronze x 8

NZ 3rd Overall

Lipi Shukla 1st Dan Tul
Chantie Thach 1st Dan Tul
Lipi Shukla Light Weight Sparring
Nikki Galpin Special Technique
Roseanne TeHau Power Technique
Robbie Buddle Power Technique
Male Team Special
Male Team Power
2005 Germany Senior C: Andrew Niven 
A: Lawrence Mantjika
A: Mr Gray Patterson
M: Greg Skinner
Gold x 2 Carl van Roon, Mens Team
Silver x 2 Luke Thompson, Steve Morris
Bronze x 4

NZ 4th Overall

Lawrence Mantjika, Mens and Womens Team.

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2007 - Canada
2006 - Honduras
2005 - Germany
2004 - Italy
2003 - Poland
2002 - Puerto Rico
2001 - Italy
2000 - Korea
1999 - Argentina
1997 - Russia
1994 - Malaysia

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