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Under 18 2005 / 2

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Sunday 22nd May 2005

Venue: Police Collage Gym - Porirua

The orgainsers of the Epson July Under 18 tournament were Helen Miller and Alisdair Hamblyn.


Patterns Places

1st Dan Patterns
Gold Chris Clencie PMWP
Silver Kane Baigent UNI
Bronze Mathew Brunton MIR
Red Belt Patterns Junior
Gold Paige Moki PMP
Silver Melissa Timperley PMP
Bronze Josh Parker PMWP
Blue Belt Patterns Junior
Gold Uma Goodyer TKC
Silver James Hunt PMWP
Bronze Patrina Guptill DSP
Green Belt Patterns Junior
Gold Adele Tohiariki HOR
Silver Jamie Searle TKC
Bronze Robert Horton PMWP
Yellow Belt Patterns Junior
Gold Morgan Searle TKC
Silver Gerard Whaanga MIR
Bronze James Whaanga MIR
White Belt Patterns Junior
Gold Angee Greenwood HOR
Silver James Te Toa Benioni MIR
Bronze Colleen Davis TKC

Sparring Places

Junior Boys 3rd Gup+ Heavyweight Plus
Gold Chris Clencie PMWP
Silver Josh Parker PMWP
Bronze Zahi Assaf MIR
Junior Boys Dan Middleweight
Gold Kane Baigent UNI
Silver David Burr CLO
Junior Boys Red / Black Microweight
Gold Ethan Brind HOR
Silver Mathew Brunton MIR
Bronze Waka Clencie PMWP
Junior Girls Dan Heavyweight
Gold Alicia Yates PNTA
Silver Amy Collins UNI
Junior Boys 1-4 Gup Lightweight
Gold James Hunt PMWP
Silver Stuart Maden UNI
Junior Girls 1-4 Gup Middle-Heavyweight
Gold Courtney Meleisea DSP
Silver Uma Goodyer TKC
Bronze Rosie Polaschek BER
Junior Girls 1-4 Gup Lightweight
Gold Melissa Timperley PMP
Silver Paige Moki PMP
Junior Girls 1-4 Gup Microweight
Gold Annaliese Burr CLO
Silver Nicole Cooper PMP
Peewee Girls 1-4 Gup Microweight
Gold Bronte Marquet GURO
Silver Anna Yates PNTA
Junior Boys 5-9 Gup Hyperweight
Gold James Te Toa Benioni MIR
Silver Scott Timperley INFM
Bronze Robert Horton PMWP
Junior Boys 5-8 Gup LightMiddleweight
Gold Allie Jowsey MIR
Silver Evan Clark UNI
Junior Boys 5-8 Gup Microweight
Gold Clinton Hunt PMWP
Silver James Whaanga MIR
Junior Girls 5-9 Gup Hyperweight
Gold Adele Tohiariki HOR
Silver Angee Greenwood HOR
Junior Girls 5-8 Gup Light/Middleweight
Gold Amber De Gregorio BER
Silver Caitlin Hunt PMWP
Peewee Boys 3-8 Gup Microweight
Gold Robert Meleisea DSP
Silver Luke Cherrington TKC
Bronze Jamie Searle TKC
Peewee Boys 9-10 Gup Middleweight
Gold Brandon Beddis TKC
Silver Markel MacGregor TKC
Peewee Boys 8-10 Gup Lightweight
Gold Liam MacKenzie BER
Silver Gerard Whaanga MIR
Peewee Boys 9-10 Gup Microweight
Gold Jared Crawford TKC
Silver Sebastian Halikias MIR
Bronze Kaarika Daly-Pene TKC
Peewee Boys 6-10 Gup Micro-Microweight
Gold Caleb Cherrington TKC
Silver Nathan Crawford TKC
Bronze Ryan Macauley TKC
Peewee Girls 9-10 Gup Microweight
Gold Colleen Davis TKC
Silver Morgan Searle TKC

Special Technique Places

Junior Mens Black Belt Special
Gold Jeremy Collins UNI
Silver Chris Clencie PMWP
Bronze David Burr CLO
Junior Mens Colour Belt Special
Gold Josh Parker PMWP
Silver Robert Horton PMWP
Bronze Scott Timperley INFM
Junior Womens Special
Gold Melissa Timperley PMP
Silver Adele Tohiariki HOR
Bronze Alicia Yates PNTA
Peewee Mens Colour Belt Special
Gold Liam MacKenzie BER
Silver Robert Meleisea DSP
Bronze Jamie Searle TKC
Peewee Womens Colour Belt Special
Gold Bronte Marquet GURO
Silver Patrina Guptill DSP
Bronze Anna Yates PNTA








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