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EPSON Under 18 2003 / 4

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Sunday 24th August.

Region: Wellington
The Police College Gym

Some action shots of the last weekend's Under 18 tournament.

See below for results.



Junior Girls Dan Openweight
1 PNTA Nikki Galpin
2 PPT Chanthie Thach

Junior Boys 1st-4th Gup Hyperweight
1 WKU Josh Parker
2 NWN Edon Hoppener
3 LOW Raymond Filiki

Junior Boys 1st Dan+ Heavyweight
1 NAG Samuel Skinner
2 NWN Shannon Ryan

Junior Boys 1st-4th Gup Middle/heavyweight
1 WKU Chris Clencie
2 WKU Chris Broughton
3 LOW Wesley Filiki

Junior Boys Red/Black Lightweight
1 TNGA Carlos Macdiarmid
2 MIR Mathew Brunton

Junior Girls 1st-4th Gup Middleheavyweight
1 PNTA Amanda Cleland
2 TNGA Sheri-Jane Lander

Junior Girls 1st-4th Gup Lightweight
1 PPT Cori-Jean Topia
2 PPK Alisa Parker

Junior Boys 5th-10th Gup Hyperweight
1 PPT Daniel McMillan
2 TKC Robert Page
3 MIR Leo White
3 MIR Phillip Lange

Junior Boys 5th-8th Gup Heavyweight
1 WKU James Hunt
2 KHA Jason Hoare
3 KHA Dylan Chambers
3 KHA Zane Melsom

Junior Boys 5th-10th Gup Middleweight
1 NAG Daniel Chambers
2 WES Craig Gibbs
3 KHA Ainsley Hoare
3 MIR Jack Tarpley

Junior Boys 5th-9th Gup Lightweight

1 PPK Ethan Parker
2 TKC Harry Bentall
3 MIR Sean Ford
3 PPT Robert Meleisea

Junior Boys 5th-8th Gup Microweight
1 TKC Alex Whiley
2 TKC Jared Crawford
3 TKC Luke Cherrington

Junior Girls 5th-10th Gup Heavyweight
1 KHA Alana Inglis
2 KHA Jean Chapman
3 TKC Christie Pescini
3 NWN Ally Zink

Junior Girls 1st-5th Gup Middleheavyweight
1 PPT Rachel O'Connell
2 PPT Christine Topia

Junior Girls 6th-8th Gup Lightweight
1 PPK Melissa Timperley
2 TKC Uma Goodyer

Junior Girls 5th-8th Gup Microweight
1 MIR Lily Uivel
2 PPK Nicole Cooper
3 TKC Brenna Murray
3 TKC Bodica MacDonald

Junior Boys 9th-10th Gup Microweight
1 PPT Mitchell Leong
2 TKC Caleb Cherrington


Place: club Firstname Surname
2nd Dan Patterns Junior
1 PNTA Nikki Galpin
2 NAG Samuel Skinner

1st Dan Patterns Junior
1 PPT Chanthie Thach
2 NWN Shannon Ryan
3 MIR Mathew Brunton

Red Belt Patterns Junior

1 PPK Alisa Parker
2 TNGA Carlos Macdiarmid
3 PPT Cori-Jean Topia
3 WKU Josh Parker

Blue Belt Patterns Junior
1 PNTA Amanda Cleland
2 TNGA Sheri-Jane Lander
3 NWN Edon Hoppener

Green Belt Patterns Junior
1 PPK Ethan Parker
2 NAG Daniel Chambers
3 TKC Michael Whiley
3 PPK Melissa Timperley

Yellow Belt Patterns Junior
1 PPT Daniel McMillan
2 TKC Robert Page
3 PPK Nicole Cooper
3 MIR Michael Fox

White Belt Patterns Junior
1 PPT Kristy Leong
2 PPT Robert Meleisea
3 KHA Alana Inglis
3 PPT Courtney Meleiesa

Special Techniques

Junior Mens Tall Special (165cm+)
1 Robert Page TKC
2 Chris Clencie WKU
3 Shannon Ryan NWN

Junior Womens Tall Special (165cm+)
1 Nikki Galpin PNTA
2 Charlotte Taylor KHA
3 Amanda Cleland PNTA

Junior Mens Medium Special (150-164cm)
1 Jason Hoare KHA
2= Dylan Chambers KHA
2= Carlos Macdiarmid TNGA

Junior Womens Medium Special (150-164cm)
1 Chanthie Thach PPT
2 Sheri-Jane Lander TNGA
3 Alisa Parker PPK

Junior Mens Short Special (under 150cm)
1 Ethan Parker PPK
2= Michael Whiley TKC
2= Zach Handcock MIR

Junior Womens Short Special (under 150cm)
1 Melissa Timperley PPK
2 Nicole Cooper PPK
3 Uma Goodyer TKC



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