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EPSON Under 18 2003 / 1

Sunday 27th April 2003. Host: Counties Manukau
Venue: Franklin Sport and Fitness Centre, Pukekohe.

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Patterns Places

Dan Patterns Junior
Gold Megan Matsuoka MBK
Silver Harmony Moki PPK
Bronze Regan Diggelmann TNGA
Red Belt Patterns Junior
Gold Chris Clencie WKU
Silver Chanthie Thach PPT
Bronze Daniel Prasad PPK
Blue Belt Patterns Junior
Gold Chuan-Zheng Lee NMA
Silver Renee Richardson NBA
Bronze Brad Thomson PPK
Green Belt Patterns
Gold Ethan Parker PPK
Silver Ashlee Millar PUK
Bronze Sheri-Jane Lander TNGA
Yellow Belt Patterns Junior
Gold James Hunt WKU
Silver Jon Thorstensen HUR
Bronze Nicole Cooper PPK
White Belt Patterns Junior
Gold Joris Suppers WKU
Silver Mitchell Leong PPT
Bronze Gary Fyfe HUR

Sparring Places

Junior Boys 1st Dan+ Openweight
Gold Phillip Diggelmann TNGA
Silver Samuel Skinner NAG
Bronze Regan Diggelmann TNGA
Junior Girls 1st Gup+ Hyperweight
Gold Helena Murray NBA
Silver Laura McIntosh NBA
Junior Girls 1st Gup+ Lightweight
Gold Harmony Moki PPK
Silver Cori-Jean Topia PPT
Bronze Siobhan MacDonald HUR
Junior Boys 1st-3rd Gup MiddleHeavyweight
Gold Chris Clencie WKU
Silver Joshua Parker WKU
Bronze Thomas Pygott HBC
Junior Boys 2nd-5th Gup Middleweight
Gold Sonny Hae Chu HUR
Silver Chris Broughton WKU
Bronze Kenton Savage INFM
Junior Boys 1st-3rd Gup Lightweight
Gold Carlos Macdiarmid TNGA
Silver Daniel Prasad PPK
Bronze Uhn Coradine HUR
Junior Girls 1st-3rd Gup Lightweight
Gold Alisa Parker PPK
Silver Christine Topia PPT
Bronze Xian Konia HUR
Junior Boys 4th-6th Gup Heavyweight
Gold Philip Vlaskovsky NAG
Silver Levi Carthew HUR
Bronze Seb Gorrell NAG
Junior Boys 6th-9th Gup LightMiddleweight
Gold Ayden Armstrong HBC
Silver Nathan Turner HUR
Bronze Dean Reeve PPK
Junior Boys 4th-6th Gup Lightweight
Gold Bradley Wickman PPK
Silver Brad Thomson PPK
Bronze Ethan Parker PPK
Peewee Boys 4th-6th Gup Microweight
Gold Aden MacDonald HUR
Silver Reuben Panther WKU
Bronze Carlin Daube PUK
Junior Girls Hyperweight
Gold Pikiteora Mura-Hita PUK
Silver Anna Voss NDI
Bronze Sasha Millar PUK
Junior Girls 3rd-6th Gup MiddleHeavyweight
Gold Erin Overton NMA
Silver Robin Bates TNGA
Bronze Candice Millar PUK
Junior Girls 4th-6th Gup Lightweight
Gold Sheylah Moki PPK
Silver Paige Moki PPK
Bronze Rachel O'Connell PPT
Junior Boys 7th-10th Gup Heavyweight
Gold Kiran Patel NAG
Silver Landon Watt NAG
Bronze Ryu Rae PUK
Junior Boys 7th-10th Gup Middleweight
Gold Jon Thorstensen HUR
Silver Van Bui PPT
Bronze Daniel McMillan PPT
Junior Boys 7th-10th Gup Lightweight
Gold Isaac Sharp WKU
Silver Joshua Pitcher INFM
Bronze Conner Savage INFM
Junior Boys 7th-10th Gup Microweight
Gold Shaun Grocock KKD
Silver Julien Harland STB
Bronze Zane Kendall WKU
Junior Boys 7th-10th Gup Short Microweight
Gold Mitchell Leong PPT
Silver John Coradine HUR
Junior Girls 7th-10th Gup Middleweight
Gold Siobhan Cole PUK
Silver Brittany Thomson KKD
Bronze Allyssia Mangu HUR
Junior Girls 7th-10th Gup Microweight
Gold Melissa Timperley PPK
Silver Nicole Cooper PPK
Bronze Simone Mangu HUR

Special Technique Places

Junior Mens Special Tall
Gold Philip Vlaskovsky NAG
Silver Chris Broughton WKU
Bronze Samuel Skinner NAG
Junior Womens Special Tall
Gold Ashlee Millar PUK
Silver Renee Richardson NBA
Bronze Siobhan MacDonald HUR
Junior Special Short
Gold Sheylah Moki PPK
Silver Carlos Macdiarmid TNGA
Bronze Aden MacDonald HUR







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