Tournaments - Apply to Host

This form is to be used by any person, school or region to gain permission to host an International Taekwon-Do recognised tournament. This includes peewee, inter-club, under 18, or any other tournament under the International Taekwon-Do banner. All hosting applications will be considered by the Tournament Advisor.

Organisers of any tournament should be familiar with the Event Management Policy before apply to host a tournament.

Note: The new ITF rules are in force for this year. They cover safety equipment (sparring gear) changes as well as many other new and different rules. Organisers should be familiar with the changes.

Steps to host a tournament are as follows:

  • Step 1 Use the form below to get the Tournament Advisor's permission. (The form should include a request for Events and Restrictions - e.g ages for power etc.)
  • Step 2 Complete the ITKD On-line Tournament Entry Request Form if you are planning to utilise the ITKD On-Line entry / result system.
  • Step 3 Request Event calendar / event page from the Webmaster.

If you have any questions on the fee struture or policy please email our Operations Exec, Mr Shaun Tolley.



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Tournament System Which tournament software system are you planning to use?
Tournament Budget Attach a draft budget showing probable distribution of profits in accordance with the Event Management Policy

Other information (proposed divisions, ages etc). Any assistance you need from us with website links etc?



Those expressing interest need to be aware that while access to the on-line entry receipt system will be available, the individual tournament organisers will be fully responsible for advertising for and coordinating entries and producing and managing the draw for the tournament. Organisers will also need to maintain and make available to the Tournament Advisor accurate and detailed electronic records of the results of the tournament to allow best overall competitor records to be kept.

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