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Advisor Panel and Advisor Groups


Advisory Panel

Technical Advisor Group
Tournament Advisor Group
Standards & Discipline Advisor Group
High Performance Advisor Group


Board Charter
Regional Operations Manual
Strategic Plan 2022 - 2025

High Performance Programme

High Performance Programme


ITFNZ Social Networking Policy
ITFNZ Antidoping Policy 2024
ITFNZ Conflict of Interest Policy
ITFNZ Health and Safety Policy
ITFNZ Sexual Harassment Policy
ITFNZ Smoke Free Policy
ITFNZ Event Management Policy
ITFNZ Event Injury Waiver
ITFNZ International Tournament Officials Policy
ITFNZ Transgender Policy
ITFNZ Child Protection Policy v6
ITF Instructors Code of Conduct

Regulations & Fees

ITFNZ Standards & Discipline Document Dec 2018
Black Belt Grading fees March 2023
ITF Fees March 2023
Hosting Gup Gradings Dec 2019
Hosting Dan Gradings Dec 2019
Purchase request for Boards Dec 2019
Procedure for start and end of class Jun 2006
ITKD & ITF Logos
Application to Transfer Schools
Application for Police Vetting


Harmony Program
Colour Belt Syllabus Update - March 2024
Black Belt Syllabus Updates - March 2024
Black Belt Grading Results Explained
Black Belt On-line Theory Exam format
Sinewave Study
Taekwon-Do Terminology audio files
Technical Updates - Nov 2018
ITKD Fitness Test Requirements - Jun 2023
Senior Dan Grading Character Reference Form - May 2019
Class Management for Student Safety - October 2023


ITKD Tournaments will run according to the ITF Championship Tournament Rules.

The documents below outlines any changes or alterations needed as they apply to local tournaments run in New Zealand.

How do I Host a Tournament?
ITFNZ Tournament Rules Mar 2020
ITFNZ Under 18 Tournament Rules Feb 2019
ITFNZ Star Series Rules 2021 Mar 2021
ITFNZ Tournament Forms - May 2017
ITFNZ Umpires

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