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Dan Grading Results

Below is a summary of the possible outcomes of the 1st to 3rd dan black belt grading and what they mean.

Pass with Distinction

This is where the candidate scores 80% or higher across all areas of the grading. It is the highest possible result. "With Distinction" is written on the New Zealand Black Belt Certificate.

A Pass

If the candidate scores between 75% and 80% across all areas of the grading then they will receive an A Pass. This is an excellent result and very difficult to achieve.


65% is required to pass black belt gradings in New Zealand. An average of 65% must be achieved across all areas of the grading.


If the score is within 5 points of a pass the Examiners may at their discretion award an “incomplete”. This is for cases where the candidate failed a particular area which can be retested.
The applicant's Instructor must inform the Technical Advisor of the student's intention
to re-test at least two weeks prior to the grading. Only one re-testing is allowed, after which
the applicant must re-sit the entire black belt grading.

Candidates must complete the areas in full, under the same criteria as the black belt grading, unless otherwise indicated in the examiners result comments. e.g. In some cases, only the breaks a candidate missed may be required.

The re-test can be done at any time following the dan grading, and by any examiner. It can be conducted at a gup or dan grading, or other official session approved by the Technical Advisor. The candidates Instructor should arrange the re-test with an examiner, then seek approval from the Technical Advisor at least two weeks in advance.

Completion application form

Unsuccessful or Re-test required

This is an unsuccessful grading, so the candidate will have to re-sit the entire grading. This is if the candidate scores under 65% across all areas of the grading. They can re-sit the grading at any time, from the next available black belt grading.

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