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To Host a Gup Grading, Instructors please Sign in and Request Grading via the database.

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International Taekwon-Do
PO Box 38-842 Howick,
Auckland 2145, New Zealand

The Operations Executive:

Key Personnel

Board Chairman:
Operations Executive:
Database and Accounts Administrator:
Communications Coordinator:
TKD Kubz Coordinator:
TKD in Schools Coordinator:
Computer Programmer
Child Protection Officer
Auckland North Regional Director:
Counties Manukau Regional Director:
Midlands Regional Director:
Central Districts Regional Director:
WellingtonRegional Director:
South Island Regional Director:

Advisor Groups

Standards & Discipline Advisor:

  • S&D Rep for Auckland North:
  • S&D Rep for Counties Manukau:
  • S&D Rep for Midlands:
  • S&D Rep for Central Region:
  • S&D Rep for Wellington:
  • S&D Rep for South Island:

High Performance:


Some Instructors display their phone numbers on the ITKD in the Locations Section. Others can be contacted via the Regional Director in your area.

Awards Nomonations

Contact the Awards Team:

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