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14 May 2024

Sheryl Chase New Board Chair

The ITFNZ Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Sheryl Chase as its new Chair. Sheryl has been a Board member since 2020 and is currently serving her second term on the Board this time around.

Sheryl was previously a Board member from 2010 to 2012. Sheryl led the development of the current International Taekwon- Do Strategy in 2021, alongside the Board and under the leadership of the previous Chair.

Sheryl is a 5th Dan, having trained in Wellington and the Bay of Plenty over the years. Sheryl has run two clubs, taking over as Instructor of the Khandallah Club in 2012, and after ten years there, established a new club in Whakatane in 2022. Both clubs are still thriving under new Instructors – succession planning being a strong element of Sheryl’s approach to running clubs.

Sheryl’s professional background is in Strategy and Policy, having worked for central government in these areas for most of her career. “We are fortunate to have the combination of Sheryl’s professional and Taekwon-Do knowledge and experience to continue the work of the Board” says CEO Alex Hayton.

ITFNZ would like to thank the significant service of outgoing Chair Nick Lourantos. Mr Lourantos has led the Board and the organisation through a period of significant change as the actions under the Strategic Plan are progressed. Mr Lourantos and has built a strong Board and executive leadership team and has led the organisation through some challenging circumstances in recent years, including through the COVID-19 pandemic.

One Legacy

It is with great sadness that we announce the resignation of Grand Master Daher from our parent organisation, ITF, and his decision to establish his own separate organisation.

Grand Master Daher has been a longstanding friend of ITFNZ and has been deeply involved with us since 2002. He has served as a special guest instructor and examiner at many of our events over the years and has been our representative on the ITF Board of Directors. His influence was instrumental in securing the hosting of the ITF World Championships in 2011. Additionally, we have sent numerous teams to Australia to compete in tournaments and participate in seminars, at which he was a wonderful host.

Here are some highlights of our collaboration over the years:

Oceanias 2002

World Camp 2002

General Choi Cup 2003

National Seminar 2003

Masters Downunder 2005

World Cup Sydney 2018

We respect Grand Master Daher's decision and hope to maintain our relationship with him and his new organisation. Although we are no longer part of the same international group, our friendship will endure. We wish him all the best in his exciting venture, and we are confident he will be successful.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Technical Panel Positions

Following a restructuring of our advisory panels, ITFNZ is calling for applications from members who wish to be involved in the future Technical direction of the Art.

We have been fortunate to have had a core leadership group steer Taekwon-Do’s technical development over many years. While many of these leaders will remain involved in the technical development of our Art, the current Technical structure is being opened to allow greater participation of our future leaders.  Our future leaders will engage with and work alongside Grand Masters and Masters, enabling a transfer of technical knowledge and to introduce new ideas to ensure Taekwon-Do remains an attractive proposition for many years to come.

This initiative aims to address some of the key challenges identified in the Strategic Plan – ensuring Capability, Capacity and Sustainability.

75% of our current membership is aged 18 years and under.  We are focused as an organization on growing our future leaders so that the Art of Taekwon-Do thrives into the future.

In the past our Technical Advisory Group has led development across the syllabus and grading requirements, and the requirements instructor and examiner education.  These technical areas are being split across three new advisory panels.

There are opportunities within the following advisory panels:

  • Qualifications: develop the technical art content into a teaching and grading syllabus.
  • Education: develop, implement, and deliver a co-ordinated programme of education and training for students pursuing different pathways.
  • Examiners: develop and administer examiner qualifications and training, examiner appointments, and grading processes.    

Terms of Reference are attached for each Panel outlining how they will operate. These are ‘living’ documents, open to amendment as the new structure develops. A Position Description is provided for each Panel.

The future success of the Art is dependent upon your commitment today.

Please register your interest by email to ceo@itkd.co.nz.  Applications close 10th May 2024. Your email should include an explanation of your interest, the skills and experiences (both in and outside Taekwon-Do) that you can contribute, and what you hope to achieve.

Education Panel Position Description | Education Panel Terms of Reference

Examiner Panel Position Description | Examiner Panel Terms of Reference

Qualifications Panel Position Description | Qualifications Panel Terms of Reference


Annual General Meeting

Please see minutes of the 2024 AGM.

Congratulations to Mr Raukura and Mr Gilpin for being elected to the Board and Mr Patterson for being elected as President once again.

A huge thanks to Mr Nick Lourantos for his service on the ITFNZ board. Nick joined the board in 2018 and has been chair since 2020. Under his leadership, the organisation has been implementing a transformational Strategic Plan to modernise the governance and administration of the art

Minutes AGM_2024

Announcement: Appointment of New Standards & Discipline Representative

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Mark Davies (3rd dan, Alexandra) has been selected to assume the role of Standards & Discipline Representative for the South Island. Mr. Davies brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise, having been an integral part of the South Island Taekwon-Do community. He started training in Taekwon-Do at Grand Master Paul McPhail's Manurewa Club in April 1986. We extend our sincerest congratulations to Mr. Davies on this well-deserved appointment and wish him every success in his endeavors as he undertakes this important responsibility.

Mr. Davies succeeds Dr. Lorraine Eade, who has diligently served on the committee since 2018. Dr. Eade's extensive tenure has provided invaluable stability to the committee, and her contributions have been instrumental in decision-making processes and negotiations. We express our gratitude to Dr. Eade for her dedication and commitment to ITFNZ throughout the years.

New Database

On Sunday 25th February 2024, Mr. Simon Lloyd-Evans facilitated a workshop for an expanded IT committee, tackling the monumental task of preparing for the development of a new ITKD database. Over the years, the IT committee has been working behind the scenes to future-proof our database system, originally established and maintained by Mr. Neil Breen since 1990.

With Mr. Breen's assistance, the planning workshop meticulously reviewed every major function of our current database, assigning each to categories of MUST-have, SHOULD-have, COULD-have, and WON'T-have. This data will serve as the foundation for the specifications we furnish to potential database solutions.

Remarkably, the committee swiftly covered more than 250 items in under 4 hours—an impressive feat. Beyond anything else, this exercise underscored to all attendees the exceptional nature of our current database system and prompted gratitude towards Mr. Breen for his extensive work over the years.

In attendance at the meeting were: Simon Lloyd-Evans (facilitator), Alex Hayton (CEO), Neil Breen (our current database engineer), Paul McPhail (webmaster), Shirley Pygott (database manager), and IT committee members: Brett Kraiger, Dave Blackwell, Phil Moore and Shane Rogers.

International Women's Day Campaign - March 2024

Dear ITF Members,

I hope this email finds you well. On behalf of the ITF Women’s Committee, we are excited to share with you our first campaign and we would be so honored to have you a part of it. As you may be aware, the International Women’s Day occurs on March 8th. The global campaign theme for International Women’s Day 2024 is “Inspire Inclusion”. Inspiring others to understand and value women’s inclusion and empowering women can only lead to a better organization. This campaign is represented by the symbol of the “heart shape” hand.

This year, the ITF Women’s Committee is committed to inspire inclusion and to celebrate females in Taekwon-Do. Collectively, we would like to forge a more inclusive Taekwon-Do experience for women of all ages worldwide.

As part of this campaign that we will be celebrating the entire month of March, we are strongly encouraging organizations and even Dojangs to celebrate with us by organizing something for Women’s Day. It could be a seminar, a training, a Zoom meet-up or even just a small get-together. We ask that if they decide to post anything on their social media, that they take a picture of the group with the heart-shape hand symbol and tag us and use #InspireInclusion and #ITFWomensCommittee so we can repost on our social media and help us celebrate with them.

We are so grateful for your consideration. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Best regards,
Brigitte Morris
ITF Women's Committee Chairperson

New Board Member

The ITFNZ Board is pleased to announce Fiona Parrant’s appointment to the Board.

Fiona rejoins Taekwon-Do after some time away. She is a 1st Dan, Assistant Instructor and was Central Districts Regional Manager.

Fiona is currently the CEO of the Birthright Hawke’s Bay Child and Family Care Trust. The Trust provides a range of Social Services and Early Childhood Education in Hawke’s Bay through strength–focused services that change lives.
Fiona has strong governance experience and training, including the School Board for 6 years, and is Chair of the NZ Alzheimers Advisory Group.

Nick Lourantos is delighted “we are very fortunate to have someone like Fiona on the Board, as an independent, combining her business skills and experience, with a Taekwon-Do background.”

Fiona will fill the current Appointed Director vacancy up to the 2024 AGM, and the Appointments Board has indicated it will then re-appoint Fiona for a new 3-year term.

Nick Lourantos
ITFNZ Board Chair

021 439482


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