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Black Belt Grading Fitness Tests

June 2023

This page outlines the current fitness tests required by itkd for black belt gradings, effective June 2023.

1-3 dan black belt gradings

Applicants should be prepared for the test on the first day of the black belt grading. NB There are allowances for age or injury - please see the black belt handbook for details.

1. Press-ups
Applicants must complete as many press-ups as they can with good form, without pausing for longer than one second. Hands and feet should be a shoulder width apart and the body should be straight throughout the exercise.

Straighten arms fully on each rep and lower the body until the sternum or chin touches the partner's fist placed on the floor. Feet must be in contact with the floor at all times with hips and thighs staying off the ground.
max. 4 points

2. Front Plank
Hold the front plank position with good form. Keep the body straight without dropping or lifting the hips.
max. 4 points

3. Pad work
Applicants are required to kick a pad continuously for three 2 minute rounds with a 1 minute break in between rounds. Kicks that are expected are turning kicks, front kicks, back kicks, downward kick, side kicks and flying kicks. The holder of the pad moves around calling for the kicks to be performed. Points for pad work are. 4 points

4. Run
Applicants run the 2.4 km course as fast as they can. Points are awarded for the time taken to complete the course according to the scoring schedule.
max. 4 points



4-6 dan black belt gradings

Monthly Fitness Assessment

See the current requirements

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