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Police Vetting Consent Form

All ITKD Instructors and Assistant Instructors must complete NZ Police Vetting every three years, effective 1 January 2018.

The New Zealand Police Vetting Service provides criminal history checks and other relevant information on potential and current employees, volunteers and vocational trainees to Approved Agencies that provide care to children and vulnerable members of society.

Obviously our main concern is with any serious convictions, in particular relating to children. You can read more about the vetting process here.

Mr Peter Graham will oversee all the Police checks (as he currently does this for Kiwisport Instructors) and all information contained within will remain confidential, only viewed by himself and members of the Advisory Panel if required.

Please download the Police Vetting Consent form and attach it below (Digitally signed PDF or scanned copy).

All PVs for new Instructors or Assistant Instructors should be completed BEFORE applying for approval here.


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