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Technical Updates

November 2018

Several new ideas were discussed at a recent Technical Advisor Group meeting, originating from both within the committee and from feedback received from members. The following amendments to the black belt gradings will be introduced for 2019.


Beep Test replaces the run

A 15 metre Beep Test will replace the 2.4 run from 2019. Testing is currently being carried out to establish the scoring levels for age groups.

Over 60 year old age group

It is acknowledged that those over the age of 60 face increased physical challenges over and above their younger counterparts, and that some of the current tests are not appropriate or reasonable for this age group. Hence we will be removing the requirement to do a fitness test and the first day training session (assessment). 

We feel this will give our over 60s a much better opportunity to succeed at the grading, being able to focus purely on their Taekwon-Do skills, techniques and performance, without the extra physical load of tests designed more for our younger members.

The new criteria will be introduced for members testing for 1st to 3rd dan over the age of 60. So from 2019:

Those over 60 years are not required to do a fitness test, or take part in the first day training session (assessment). They are invited to be in attendance at that Saturday sessions to watch, assist or join in as they wish to, but no scores will be given by the examiner for those two areas. The total marks for the grading will be adjusted accordingly.

Ground Self Defence

It is acknowledged that the Ground Self-Defence syllabus (for those testing for 2nd dan) requires more explanation and guidance, so this will be clarified at the 2019 Instructor Update Courses and in videos to be released later in 2019.


Our Mini-kids syllabus is being re-vamped with the aim to introduce an updated version in 2020. Over 70% of our membership are children, yet we only have a children’s syllabus (Mini-Kids) up to yellow belt level. The new program will give instructors the option to use a mini-kids style grading system with children at higher belt levels.

The new syllabus will include:

  • An extension of the program into higher belt levels.
  • Introduction of themes similar to those used in TKD Kubz, so give consistency from Kubz into the new kids syllabus
  • New books with the addition of attendance sticker pages, puzzle pages, home tasks, home practice guides and other useful tools.


The Technical Advisor Group are developing new On-line Instructor training courses with the assistance of Mr Neil Breen, our database creator. The system will allow instructors and others to up-skill by doing on-line courses on a range of useful topics.

Courses will be made up of short video modules, with a simple multi-choice test at the end. As members successfully complete a course, it will be recorded in the database, and in the future may count towards grading credits or other incentives.

The initial courses we are planning to produce are be:

  • Instructors Induction Course. This means blue belts and above will be able to complete the theoretical basics of this course before attending a new totally practical course to be designed by Mr Lowe.
  • Standards and Discipline Course. This course will outline how our Standards & Disciple Advisor Group operate, how you and your members can get help when needed, and some of the basic etiquette that we should be observing at club and at events.
  • How to start a new Club Course. All you need to know about how to start a club or open an additional club. This course will be essential to our growth and potential instructors will be able to put themselves through this course to give them the tools they need to succeed.
  • Club Marketing and Member Retention Course. For those that want to grow but don’t know how, can learn from those who are doing it successfully. This will contain valuable information, tools and insights into how to grow your club.

We have MANY other ideas for topics and look forward to producing many great courses over the coming years.


This is a special program for those over the age of 60 years developed by the ITF. Training was provided to instructors at the 2017 Instructors Conference and has now been adopted as an official program for ITFNZ. We hope clubs to begin Harmony Classes in the near future.

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