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Gup HandbookGup Syllabus Updates

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May 2022

We have some significant updates to the handbooks used by our members here in New Zealand. We have released the Yellow Belt handbook and a new version of the White Belt Handbook.


The end goal is to have a handbook for each belt level (white, yellow, green, blue and red). Now that we have the white and yellow handbooks, we can confidently start to use these instead of the current (blue cover) syllabus books. And as we complete the other books over the next two years, it will give us the full set. We are committed to producing the Green Belt Handbook later this year ready for distribution in early 2023.

As well as containing the syllabus, the new handbooks have interesting information in the early sections of the book. You will recall the White Belt Handbook has the training secrets, lines of the body, sinewave etc. In the yellow belt book we have included sections on exercise preparation & recovery, motions in Taekwon-Do and more. By the completion of the full set, we will cover a wealth of material.


White Belt Handbook V2

Version 2 of the white belt handbook now includes photos of Chon-Ji and a new feature spread on General Choi Hong Hi. We have also made some minor changes to the rules of conduct to reflect compliance with our child protection policy.

Gup HandbookYellow Belt Handbook

This handbook contains all the techniques and theory (and more) an 8th or 7th gup will need to know.

Note that he rules of the do jang have been put in a more logical order in both the white and yellow belt handbooks. Both handbooks have sections such as:

  • Prepare for training
  • Enter the do jang
  • Inside the do jang
  • Working with others
  • A few things not to do

Also in the theory section, we have finally adjusted An Chang Ho's (Do-San) year of birth to 1878 (instead of 1876). We have known for many years that the year published in the TKD Encyclopedia was incorrect, but had been hesitant to change it. Time to correct that now.

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Techniques Handbooks

The blue techniques handbooks (adult and kids) are now to be used as a stop-gap measure, before we complete handbooks for all belt levels. So this means green belts and above can purchase or download these handbooks to provide them with their grading syllabus.

We have made some minor changes to the 2022 versions to keep them aligned with the White & Yellow Belt Handbooks, such as the do jang rules, Taekwon-Do history and Do-San's year of birth.

These syllabus books will still be available to purchase or download.


October 2017

The 2017 editions of the adults and kids handbooks received just some minor syllabus adjustments - click here to see changes in green.

Here is a summary of the changes:

  • Intro page - a reminder that yellow belts and above need to also refer to the self defence handbook for that syllabus
  • Single stepping moved from 9th to 10th gup
  • Movements found in Do-san tul moved to 7th gup level and other similar changes in other levels.
  • Terminology corrected from "side punch" to "reverse punch" and "obverse punch"
  • A few small tweaks to the step sparring examples
  • Additions to the rules to be in line with the 2017 Standards & Discipline document
  • The kids handbook also now includes the complete step sparring examples in a chart at the rear of the book.

July 2014

The 2014 editions of the Gup Techniques Handbook will be available from your instructor or at the National Tournament, 26-27 July 2014 from Fuji Mae NZ.

Advance copies are available now from Fuji Mae NZ or Paul M TKD.

The 2014 adults and kids versions contain the following updates from the 2010 edition:

  • Korean counting added to 9th gup syllabus
  • New Self-defence syllabus added to each grade
  • Basic stance measurements added to 8th gup
  • 2 Step Sparring added to 6th & 5th gup
  • Some step sparring examples changed
  • Terminology CD no longer included - audio files are now available on the itkd website.

Click here to see changes in green.


July 2010

The 2010 edition of the Techniques Handbook is now available, and contains the following updates from the 2009 edition:

  • Taekwon-Do in New Zealand Section updated.
  • History of Taekwon-Do Section (red belt) updated.
  • New design

The 2009 edition of the Techniques handbook had the following amendments

  • Updated with the new self defence syllabus.
  • Moved "meaning of the white belt" from 9th gup to 10th gup.
  • Changed 8th gup 3 step compulsory technique from backfist strike to reverse knifehand strike.
  • Updated 3 step "examples" to better match the compulsory techniques.
  • Updated rules from latest standards & Discipline document.
  • Updated NZ history section re Board of Directors and management committees.


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