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Black Belt Grading Theory Test

From May 2017 all black belt grading theory tests went digital.

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The Test

  • Theory tests consists of multi-choice questions.
  • Tests are weighted with questions for your own level, but also include questions of the lower syllabus levels.
  • Currently the categories tested include:
    • Korean Terminology, Technical knowledge and knowledge of the syllabus, Organisational Structure (ITF and ITFNZ), TKD General Knowledge, Patterns and Self Defence.
  • The bulk of the study material for the test is contained in the Gup and Dan Syllabus Handbooks and the Self Defence Handbook available from your instructor. TKD General knowledge and Organisational Structure information can be obtained from the ITFNZ website: itkd.co.nz - Reference section and About TKD sections and the ITF website: itftkd.sport

How the Test Works

  • The test has several categories and you can complete these categories in any order you like. The categories are accessed via the MENU icon:
  • If you are unsure of an answer you can STAR it and easily come back to it later.
  • Once you have completed the test you will be asked to click "Finish", at which point it will be closed and you can not re-visit the test.
  • Results are not published immediately, but will be given with your grading results report.

Computer Stuff

  • Candidates have a unique username and password which will be issued to them at the grading.
  • Candidates bring a laptop, tablet or smart phone to the Sunday morning theory part of the grading.
  • In venues where wifi is available then you will be able to have access to that. In venues without Wifi then you will need your device to have "data" so you can access the website and the test.

Any questions? Email Master McPhail.

Thanks to Scott Sutherland and Dave Blackwell for developing the software for ITFNZ.

Take it for a Test Run

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