Black Belt Grading Results

What the Results Mean

To apply please Sign In then click Black Belt Grading Applications.

Check you know the current requirements to grade.

Apply for a Black Belt Grading Incomplete Re-test

All black belt applications must be done on-line before the closing date, one month prior to the grading.

If you have started an application but then wish to transfer it to another grading date, please email Master McPhail to have it transfered.

Black Belt Gradings


January 2024 Senior dan grading

May 2024 Auckland

May 2024 Central Region

December 2024 Auckland

December 2024 Wellington


February 2023 Senior dan grading

May 2023 Auckland

May Central Region [Cancelled]

August Midlands [NEW]

November South Island [NEW]

December 2023 Auckland

December 2023 Wellington


January 2022 - Wellington

April 2022 - Auckland

April 2022 - Central Region (Cancelled)

July 2022 - Midlands (new date)

July 2022 - South-Island

July 2022 - Senior Dan Grading

December 2022 - Auckland

December 2022 - Wellington


Past Black Belt Gradings

Future Black Belt Gradings

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