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World Camp 2002

The United States Taekwon-Do Federation (USTF), Sister Organisation to ITFNZ, hosted World Camp in June 2002 at the YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch, in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. ITFNZ members first attended a "Sereff Camp" in 1986 - then again on a number of occasions. It is always a fantastic experience.

Mr McPhail attended the 2002 Camp and here are some photos of the action.



Master Daher

These amazing shots shows Peter from Slovenia - the most unpopular participant at the camp, falling on his head at the waterfall. Everyone watched in amazement as he then got up, did some Karate like posses and yells, - then later complained of a sore arm!

Mr McPhail with the Girls from Aussie | Mr Kent Hups in Action at the Foothills Club

We first Met Mr Hups at Camp in 1986 | Rocky Rounthwaite

Master Dale Burkhart - breaking machine!

Mr McPhail and Mr Ed Newcommer finally meet - after years of emailing |
Master Daher in deep discussion with Grand Master Sereff

Mr R emailing from Master Burkharts Office | First training at Camp

Grand Master Sereff | Story telling around the camp fire

Rocky - exhausted! | Mr Affatagato and Mr Steadman

Mr Hannon's self defence class | Regular 40 degree outdoor training!

The traditional waterfall photo shoot - Mr R and his girls. | Sparring class

Mr and Mrs Suarez from New York - sparring class | Dead!

Master Daher's kicking class

Master Renee Sereff teaching Etiquette Class

Master Daher with some of young fans | Signing table

Training in the public park of Grand Lake on the final day

Dale and Robin Burkhart | Tong-Il at USTF HQ after Camp

Tour of GM Sereff's basement !

Breaking class with Master Burkhart

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