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Under 18 2004 / 2

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Sunday 16th May 2004

Host Region: Central Districts
Venue: International Pacific College Gym

The day ran smoothly, no dramas and we finished on time. Over 130 competitors and a very tight time frame.

Thanks to the Families of our CD junior team members who put the work in for this to succeed and Sandi Galpin who did the job on the day.

Epson Under 18/2 2004


Patterns Places

2nd Dan+ Patterns Junior
Gold Nikki Galpin PNTA
Silver Samuel Skinner NAG
Bronze Robert Buddle TKC
1st Dan Patterns Junior
Gold Dane Canton MIL
Silver Lipi Shukla NDI
Bronze Chanthie Thach DSP
1st Gup Patterns Junior
Gold Chris Broughton WKU
Silver Hannah Warren NDI
Bronze Renee Richardson NBA
2nd Gup Patterns Junior
Gold Amanda Cleland PNTA
Silver Robin Bates TNGA
Bronze Shane Black TNGA
Blue Belt Patterns Junior
Gold Paige Moki PMP
Silver Ethan Parker PMP
Bronze Charlotte Clark PNTA
Green Belt Patterns Junior
Gold James Hunt PMWP
Silver Melissa Timperley PMP
Bronze Jessica Harris GUR
7th Gup Patterns Junior
Gold Courtney Meleisea DSP
Silver Robert Page TKC
Bronze Gary Fyfe HUR
8th Gup Patterns Junior
Gold Simone Mangu HUR
Silver Allyssia Mangu HUR
Bronze Blair Drinkwater HUR
9th Gup Patterns Junior
Gold Dhaneswara Kotama MIL
Silver Caitlin Hunt PMWP
Bronze Brooke Hopa-Matthews CLO
10th Gup Patterns Junior
Gold Chanelle Tearikiaua POR
Silver Darnell Tearikiaua POR
Bronze Shannon Williams POR

Sparring Places

Junior Boys 1st Dan+ Heavyweight
Gold Campbell Gold DUN
Silver Chris Clencie PMWP
Bronze Robert Buddle TKC
Junior Boys 1st Dan+ Middleweight
Gold Jamie Smith PNTA
Silver Kane Baigent UNI
Bronze David Burr CLO
Junior Girls 1st Dan+ Hyperweight
Gold Nikki Galpin PNTA
Silver Roseanne TeHau INFP
Junior Girls 1st Dan+ Middle/Heavyweight
Gold Cori-Jean Topia DSP
Silver Chanthie Thach DSP
Bronze Alicia Yates PNTA
Junior Girls Red / Black Lightweight
Gold Rebecca Walthall NDI
Silver Jessie Walker RDR
Bronze Paige Moki PMP
Junior Boys 1st-4th Gup Hyperweight
Gold Joshua Parker PMWP
Silver Todd Drinkwater HUR
Bronze Matthew Turner HUR
Junior Boys 1st-4th Gup Heavyweight
Gold Chris Broughton WKU
Silver Oliver Lynn WES
Bronze Matthew Hartigan ROT
Junior Boys 1st-4th Gup Middleweight
Gold Hemi Le Grice GUR
Silver Hayden Stevens TNGA
Bronze Ryan Stevens TNGA
Junior Boys 1st-4th Gup Lightmiddleweight
Gold Carlos Macdiarmid TNGA
Silver Shane Black TNGA
Bronze Caleb Watene WES
Junior Boys 4th Gup + Lightweight
Gold Joseph Coffey NMA
Silver David Clencie PMWP
Bronze Ethan Parker PMP
Junior Girls 1st-4th Gup Heavyweight
Gold Renee Richardson NBA
Silver Amanda Cleland PNTA
Bronze Elly Sekikawa MBK
Junior Girls 5th-10th Gup Heavyweight
Gold Jean Chapman POR
Silver Minette Steyn ROT
Junior Girls 1st-4th Gup Middleweight
Gold Estelle Speirs PNTA
Silver Robin Bates TNGA
Bronze Sheri-Jane Lander TNGA
Junior Girls 1st-4th Gup Lightweight
Gold Rikki Larkin HUR
Silver Annaleise Burr CLO
Junior Boys 5th-10th Gup Hyperweight
Gold Luke Tearikiaua POR
Silver Robert Page TKC
Bronze Ben Heffey HUR
Junior Boys 5th-8th Gup Middle/Heavyweight
Gold Wade Salton HOR
Silver James Hunt PMWP
Bronze Philip Murray HOR
Junior Boys 5th-10th Gup Middleweight
Gold Andrew Sanders TAR
Silver Ayden Holland MIL
Bronze Sean Christie HOR
Junior Boys 5th-10th Gup Lightweight
Gold Trivette Murray HOR
Silver Ryan Harris GUR
Bronze Dhaneswara Kotama MIL
Junior Boys 5th-10th Gup Microweight
Gold Darnell Tearikiaua POR
Silver Mitchell Leong DSP
Bronze Robert Meleisea DSP
Junior Girls 5th-8th Gup MiddleHeavyweight
Gold Kristy Leong DSP
Silver Courtney Meleisea DSP
Bronze Ashleigh Frith PNTA
Junior Girls 5th-9th Gup Lightweight
Gold Mellissa Hancox HOR
Silver Umakaihau Goodyer TKC
Bronze Melissa Timperley PMP
Junior Girls 5th-10th Gup Microweight
Gold Jessica Harris GUR
Silver Simone Mangu HUR
Bronze Bronte Marquet GUR
Junior Boys 9th-10th Gup Microweight
Gold Caleb Cherrington TKC
Silver Cole Hawkins TKC
Junior Girls 9th-10th Gup Middleweight
Gold Shannon Williams POR
Silver Melissa Keane MIR
Junior Girls 5th-10th Gup Microweight
Gold Nicole Cooper PMP
Silver Anna Yates PNTA
Bronze Bronwyn Walker RDR

Special Technique Places

Junior Mens Tall Special (over 170cm)
Gold Robert Page TKC
Silver Luke Tearikiaua POR
Bronze Matthew Turner HUR
Junior Womens Tall Special (over 160cm)
Gold Nikki Galpin PNTA
Silver Renee Richardson NBA
Bronze Estelle Speirs PNTA
Junior Mens Medium Special (between 150&170cm)
Gold Chris Clencie PMWP
Silver Chris Broughton WKU
Bronze David Burr CLO
Junior Womens Medium Special (between 150&160cm)
Gold Chanthie Thach DSP
Silver Rebecca Walthall NDI
Bronze Kristy Leong DSP
Junior Mens Short Special (under 150cm)
Gold Jason Teio POR
Silver Ethan Parker PMP
Bronze Joseph Coffey NMA
Junior Womens Short Special (under 150cm)
Gold Xian Konia HUR
Silver Jessica Harris GUR
Bronze Umakaihau Goodyer TKC









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