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Under 18 2004 / 5 - FINAL

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Sunday 14th November 2004

Host Region: Counties Manukau
Venue: Franklin Sport and Fitness Centre, Franklin Road, Pukekohe

The Final EPSON Under 18 Tournament was a great success - with around 150 participants. A big thanks to the Breens and Mr Tolley in particular for running the day.

Special congratulations to the four 2005 Under 18 Grand Champions:
Chris Clencie (Paul M Waiau Pa) Best Male Black Belt
Nikki Galpin
(PNTA) Best Female Black belt
Ethan Parker (Paul M Papakura) Best Male Coloured Belt
Paige Moki (Paul M Papakura) Best Female Coloured Belt

Final Points tally here soon. Results are after the photos below.

Grand Champions for 2005. (Nikki Galpin Absent)

Epson Under Eighteen Series Winners 2004

Female Gup Student Paige Moki PMP
Male Gup Student Ethan Parker PPK
Female Dan Student Nikki Galpin PNTA
Male Dan Student Chris Clencie PMWP

Patterns Places

1st Dan Patterns
Gold Chris Broughton WKU
Silver Cori-Jean Topia DSP
Bronze Renee Richardson NBA
Red Belt Patterns
Gold Ethan Parker PMP
Silver Daniel McMillan DSP
Bronze Waka Clencie PMWP
Blue Belt Patterns
Gold Melissa Timperley PMP
Silver Uma Goodyer TKC
Bronze Robert Page TKC
Blue Stripe Patterns
Gold James Hunt PMWP
Silver Courtney Meleisea DSP
Bronze Kristy Leong DSP
Green Belt Patterns
Gold Allyssia Mangu CHH
Silver Jaime Teasdale TNGA
Bronze Amy Reeder HUR
Yellow Belt Patterns
Gold Simone Mangu HUR
Silver Rees Skiff PMWP
Bronze Ryan Butchers KKD
White Belt Patterns
Gold Axl Rogers GURW
Silver Erica Germain WKU
Bronze Dylan Tai TRI

Sparring Places

Junior Boys Dan Heavyweight
Gold Chris Broughton WKU
Silver Regan Diggelmann TNGA
Bronze Chris Clencie PMWP
Junior Boys Dan Middleweight
Gold Carlos Macdiarmid TNGA
Silver Daniel Campbell WAI
Bronze Hemi Tukapua HOR
Junior Girls Dan Heavyweight+
Gold Roseanne TeHau INFP
Silver Renee Richardson NBA
Bronze Jessica TeHau INFP
Junior Girls Dan Middleweight
Gold Cori-Jean Topia DSP
Silver Alisa Parker PMP
Junior Boys 1st-4th Gup Hyperweight+
Gold Josh Parker PMWP
Silver Sione Tupou TRI
Junior Boys 1st-4th Gup Heavyweight
Gold Daniel McMillan DSP
Silver Robert Page TKC
Bronze Terrence Edwards WRU
Junior Boys 1st-4th Gup MiddleHeavyweight
Gold Ryan Stevens TNGA
Silver Salesi Tupou TRI
Bronze Kavaki Taruia TRI
Junior Boys 1st-4th Gup Middleweight
Gold Shane Black TNGA
Silver Bradley Wickman PMP
Bronze Marshe Hema TRI
Junior Boys 1st Gup+ Lightweight
Gold Ethan Parker PMP
Silver Joseph Coffey NMA
Bronze Cameron Casson TNGA
Junior Girls 1st-4th Gup Heavyweight
Gold Claire Kendall WKU
Silver Robin Bates TNGA
Bronze Alyse Barry CHH
Junior Girls 1st-4th Gup Middleweight
Gold Rikki Larkin HUR
Silver Uma Goodyer TKC
Bronze Melissa Timperley PMP
Junior Girls 1st-4th Gup Lightweight
Gold Christine Topia DSP
Silver Paige Moki PMP
Bronze Jessica Harris GURO
Junior Boys 5th-8th Gup Hyperweight+
Gold Ross Black TNGA
Silver Tangira Pakura TRI
Junior Boys 5th-8th Gup Hyperweight
Gold Ben Heffey HUR
Silver Stuart Harvey INFM
Bronze Scott Timperley INFM
Junior Boys 5th-8th Gup Heavyweight
Gold Rees Skiff PMWP
Silver Osama Musa CHH
Bronze Royce Moore CHH
Junior Boys 5th-8th Gup Middleweight
Gold James Hunt PMWP
Silver Tyrone Seeley EPAK
Bronze Jeroen Suppers WKU
Junior Boys 5th-9th Gup LightMiddleweight
Gold Adam Niu WKU
Silver Conner Savage INFM
Bronze Brian Woolhead ROT
Junior Boys 5th-10th Gup Lightweight
Gold Alex Niu WKU
Silver Clinton Hunt PMWP
Bronze Garth Powell PMWP
Peewee Boys 5th-8th Gup Lightweight
Gold Sean Christie HOR
Silver Koseka Taruia TRI
Bronze Michael Edwards WRU
Junior Girls 5th-8th Gup Middleweight
Gold Kristy Leong DSP
Silver Courtney Meleisea DSP
Bronze Allyssia Mangu HUR
Junior Girls 5th-10th Gup Lightweight
Gold Caitlin Hunt PMWP
Silver Simone Mangu HUR
Bronze Patrina Guptill DSP
Peewee Girls 4th-8th Gup Microweight
Gold Nicole Cooper PMP
Silver Maddison Jones EPAK
Bronze Bronte Marquet GURO
Junior Girls 5th-10th Gup Heavyweight
Gold Erica Germain WKU
Silver Tyla Marchant EPAK
Bronze Karajane Chapman ROT
Junior Boys 9th-10th Gup Heavyweight
Gold Dylan Tai TRI
Silver Sebastian Campbell ROT
Peewee Boys 9th-10th Gup Lightweight
Gold Kishan Mistry INFM
Silver Brady Cole KKD
Peewee M/F Short 7th-10th Gup Microweight
Gold John Coradine CHH
Silver Corrah Phillips KKD
Bronze Caleb Cherrington TKC
Peewee Boys 7th-10th Gup Middleweight
Gold Sonejo Koopu-Savage ROT
Silver Kyle Birchall PUK
Bronze Martin White HUR
Peewee Boys 5th-10th Gup Microweight
Gold Robert Meleisea DSP
Silver Mitchell Leong DSP
Bronze Luke Cherrington TKC
Peewee Boys 5th-8th Gup MicroLightweight
Gold Ryan Harris GURO
Silver Iain Abel HUR
Bronze Darren Ganley HUR

Special Technique Places

Junior Mens Tall Special (over 170cm)
Gold Chris Clencie PMWP
Silver Robert Page TKC
Bronze Regan Diggelmann TNGA
Junior Womens Tall Special (over 150cm)
Gold Renee Richardson NBA
Silver Melissa Timperley PMP
Bronze Uma Goodyer TKC
Junior Mens Medium Special (between 150&170cm)
Gold Carlos Macdiarmid TNGA
Silver James Hunt PMWP
Bronze Hemi Tukapua HOR
Junior Mens Short Special (under 150cm)
Gold Ethan Parker PMP
Silver Clinton Hunt PMWP
Bronze Uhn Coradine CHH
Junior Womens Short Special (under 150cm)
Gold Paige Moki PMP
Silver Jessica Harris GURO
Bronze Bronte Marquet GURO








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