International Instructors Course 2022
Gold Coast, Australia

4-6 November 2022

Grand Master Ung Kim Lan (9th dan), 
Grand Master Paul McPhail (9th dan)

with special guests:

Grand Master Paul Weiler (9th dan, ITF President)

Grand Master Michael Daher (9th dan)

Gold Coast Recreation Centre
1525 Gold Coast Hwy, Palm Beach QLD 4221

The ITF International Instructors Course is a three day training seminar open to all black belts.

*Red belts can attend for the first half of the course!

The ITF International Instructors Course is a three day training seminar open to all black belts & the inclusion of 2nd & 1st Gup two day training seminar. 4th dans and above receive additional specific training on their own syllabus with the Grand Masters – not to be missed.

This course is not just for instructors – it is a training course covering all aspects of ITF Taekwon-Do valuable for all members of all ages. Also note, the ITF require all members attend at least one IIC between each grading from 3rd degree and above, and these courses are only held in Australia & New Zealand every 4-5 years! So it is necessary to plan ahead and make sure you have this qualification now for your future grading.


*New Zealand members - no need to register with ITFNZ as well, Australia will forward us your details once you have registered.


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