Event Listing Resquest

This form is for any ITKD Members or Clubs that wish to have a private TKD event listed on the ITKD website with an associated registration form.

This is for private events - ie events not funded or organised by the national body.

There is a $50 for for this service.

What you get:

Your Name:
Position: (eg organiser)
Email address:
Event information
Name of the Event?
e.g. Improve your Breaking Night
What type of seminar are you holding?:
e.g. Breaking Seminar
Who is it for?
e.g. Age? Rank? Beginner etc
What will it include?
Brief outline of seminar content
Other details
Instructor? Guests?
Other details for the webpage?
e.g. What to bring, equipment needed etc
Who will host the seminar?
e.g. Papakura club, Wgtn region, individual?
Day / date day date
e.g. 9am - 1 pm
Venue for the event
Fee schedule:
Payment details
e.g. Bank account no., link to payment gateway or your website?
Your bank account details
Incase we need to refund you
Details of person/ entity to be invoiced for this service
e.g. Your club treasurer?

Anything else?:


  • The Event you are applying to have listed is NOT an official ITKD Event. It is a private event and this listing is simply to advertise the event and allow for registrations. You are however obliged to adhere to the rules of our organisation and agree to the waiver below.
  • I have read the waiver and release¬†linked to here. By submitting my registration to this event I agree it is my intention to exempt and relieve the parties stated above and ITFNZ incorporated from liability for personal injury, or death caused by negligence or any other cause.

Verify Please :

I agree to the above conditions
and submit my request:

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