New password

Fill in your surname and Membership#, and the email address exactly as in your Instructor's clublist.
For Instructors or Examiners etc with a database login, optionally enter your login and Membership#, and email address as above.
A temporary password will be sent to your registered email adress.
(if you have more than one login (Examiners etc) this password will apply to all your logins)

Surname or Instructor Log-in:
Membership Number:
If the password email fails to arrive, have your instructor check your clublist membership record.
The email address you enter above must exactly match what is in the first 'email' field of that record.
( no other characters are allowed in the email field, like a semicolon. If a second email address, it must go in the 'email2' field.)
Also check that your email program has not put the password email into a spam folder.

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