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Reason 1: the New Zealand dollar!

Since the 1950s, the New Zealand dollar has lagged behind other major currencies. In recent times, the New Zealand dollar is worth approximately:


NZD 1.00 ~


USA USD 0.70 so USD 1.00 is about NZD 1.40
Europe EUR 0.50 so EUR 1.00 is about NZD 2.00
Great Britain GBP 0.35 so GBP 1.00 is about NZD 2.75
Canada CAD 0.80 so CAD 1.00 is about NZD 1.20
Australia AUD 0.85 so AUD 1.00 is about NZD 1.15

Many competitors will come to New Zealand with much stronger currencies than our own, so your money will go much further!

It is not just our currency, but also our purchasing power – the New Zealand dollar has less purchasing power than most major foreign currencies, according to Statistics New Zealand.

Comparative costs

Listed below are the approximate prices of a number of common items. These items may give you an idea of the general level of prices in New Zealand. Of course, some items will be comparatively cheaper in New Zealand, while others (particularly imported items) may not be.

The prices below are non-sale prices. Sale prices can be significantly cheaper. Note that tipping is not expected in New Zealand.

Common items

Approx cost





Big Mac® $ 4.60 $3.22 €2.30
Big Mac® combo (with fries and drink) $ 6.90 $4.83
Milk, 2 litres at a supermarket $ 3.85 $2.70
Eggs, 12 at a supermarket $ 4.00 $2.80
Loaf of bread at a supermarket $ 3.00 $2.10
Coke, 333ml can from a vending machine $ 1.60 $1.12
Coke, 2 litres at a supermarket $ 2.49 $1.74
Latte (coffee) at a nice café $ 3.50 $2.45
Lunch at a food hall $ 8.00 $5.60
Dinner at a café or restaurant (varies) $ 30.00 $21.00 €15.00
Postcard stamp, worldwide $ 1.50 $1.05
Internet café per hour $ 3.00 $2.10
Film developing, 36 exposures $ 14.95 $10.47
Petrol 91 octane, 1 ltr $ 1.52 $1.06

About New Zealand’s currency

The New Zealand dollar ($) comprises 100 cents (c); it is available in the following denominations:


Front image

Back image





Reasons to come to New Zealand

Reason 9: visitors visas for competitors

Reason 8: see the haka performed by the best

Reason 7: webcast the tournament

Reason 6: our television experience

Reason 5: everything you need within walking distance

Reason 4: a venue in the centre of New Zealand’s biggest city

Reason 3: see Australia, too, while you are here

Reason 2: things to see and do in New Zealand

Reason 1: the New Zealand dollar

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