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Reason 9: visitors visas for competitors

Photos courtesy of Doug Hanna.

We like everyone!

New Zealand is like a big Switzerland, without all the neighbours close by. We like everybody, and everybody likes us. (Even the Australians, although we make fun of each other regularly.)

Visitors from many countries don't need visas.

Because we like everyone, and everyone likes us, visitors from many countries can visit New Zealand for up to three months without obtaining a visa before leaving home. You simply need to provide outbound tickets and evidence that you have the money to pay for your stay.

In fact, of the 45 countries who competed in the 2005 World Championships in Dortmund, Germany, visitors from 31 of them don't need to obtain a visa before leaving home. And that includes 17 of the top 19 countries!

There are presently 53 nations from where visitors do not need to obtain a visa before leaving home for a visit of up to three months!

The website of the New Zealand Department of Immigration has more information about visa requirements to visit New Zealand.




1 Poland No
2 Argentina No
3 Germany No
4 New Zealand  
5 Finland No
6 Slovenia No
7 Scotland No
8 Romania Yes
9 Ireland No
10 England No
11 USA No
12 Japan No
13 Canada No
14 Sweden No
15 Belgium No
15 Hungary No
15 Brazil No
18 Greece No*
18 Ukraine Yes
20 Spain No
20 Wales No
20 Italy No
20 Czech Republic No
20 Puerto Rico Yes
20 Uzbekistan Yes
20 Kyrghystan Yes
27 Australia No
27 Austria No
27 France No
27 Netherlands No
27 Norway No
27 Switzerland No
27 Malaysia No
27 Slovakia No
27 Lituania No*
27 Hong Kong No*
27 Portugal No*
27 Columbia Yes
27 Bosnia & Herzegovina Yes
27 Croatia Yes
27 Dominicana Yes
27 Jamaica Yes
27 Paraguay Yes
27 Philippines Yes
27 Serbia & Montenegro Yes

*These countries have some restrictions, which are detailed here.



Reasons to come to New Zealand

Reason 9: visitors visas for competitors

Reason 8: see the haka performed by the best

Reason 7: webcast the tournament

Reason 6: our television experience

Reason 5: everything you need within walking distance

Reason 4: a venue in the centre of New Zealand’s biggest city

Reason 3: see Australia, too, while you are here

Reason 2: things to see and do in New Zealand

Reason 1: the New Zealand dollar

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