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Courses 2012

Master Mark Hutton

Master Hutton began training in 1981 under Master Sutherland who was assistant to GM MacCallum in Bathgate which is located in Central Scotland.

Bathgate was a successful full-time Academy when he joined and was always steeped in TKD tradition with First Grand Master Rhee a regular visitor for grading.This ensured the Academy was ITF to the core.

Master Hutton's classes always centre around the importance of ensuring all his students and Instructors are well versed in all aspects of TKD from explosive fundamentals (dynamic & static) and Tuls to Ho Sin Sul for all, with emphasis on the devastating power and skill that so many students who focus solely on competition rarely understand/enjoy. He believes this must change through education to ensure ITF TKD not only survives but flourishes and is known as both devastating Martial Art and sport at the very highest level.

Body conditioning/diet with fit for purpose training is for me most important to ensure we concentrate our efforts on TKD preparation maximising our results in the Dojang.

National/International competition history

  • British Team Captain from 1998-2004, Scottish Team Captain 2004-2007 (Retired)
  •  Many times British pattern/Sparring Champion including 5 best competitor awards and twice overall British Taekwon-do Council Champion (BTC is all TKD groups in the UK)
  •  Twice World bronze medallist, Individual Pattern 1997 and Team Sparring Open World TKD Championships 1991
  • 5 time ITF European IV Degree pattern Champion 1993-97.

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