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Courses 2013

Stripes 1 to 1

Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th November 2013

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Conducted by Master Evan Davidson 8th dan and Master Paul McPhail 8th dan
with Special Guest Cliff Harvey

Cliff will speak after dinner on Saturday beveling.
Topic: Fueling Metabolic Efficiency

“Is everything you’ve been told about eating for health and performance wrong!?”

Join Cliff Harvey as he brings you a punchy, informative, and sometimes challenging seminar exploring the newest frontiers of eating for health and performance. This seminar will challenge some of the existing dogma of nutrition and provide scientific evidence for how we should really eat for optimal health and performance.

Cliff will speak about the key concepts of ‘fueling metabolic efficiency’ including:

  • The myth of ‘calories in, calories out’
  • What really fuels the body and mind (it’s not what you may think)
  • Why eating the one thing you’ve been told NOT to eat could help you to lose fat, gain muscle and have better energy
  • Why what you eat is more important than how much
  • The myths and realities of meal timing
  • Simple guidelines on what to eat and what to avoid!
  • BONUS: How to lose fat and gain muscle with...or without exercise...

Stripes 1 to 1 is the calendar highlight for most 4th dans and above.
For the first time, this year's course is being held in Wellington.

Cost - only $95!|
(This is another iTKD subsidised event)

Cost includes venue expenses and training with our senior Masters and Special Guest.

This year it is up to each individual to make your own accommodation bookings and cover your own food expenses. We hope this will make it a bit cheaper for those who live in Wellington and those who can arrange to stay with a friend. For those staying in the recommended hotel, details of how to book are below.

Stripes training Venue - ASB Stadium

Training Venues:
ASB Sports Centre - Kilbirnie (Saturday)
(400 meters away from the Brentwood Motel)
The ASB Sport Centre have great facilities including a large cafe. After the training sessions people can shower there, have something to eat or drink in the cafe before the meetings.

Recommended Accommodation:
The Brentwood Hotel
16 Kemp Street, Kilbirnie
(They offer a FREE 24 hr Shuttle Service to & from the airport which seats 11.
Just need to call 0508 Brentwood  0508 273 689 once their bags are collected.)

The cost for a  Standard Room (1x double & 1 single) or (1 double & 2 singles ) and a City Room Sale (1 x  Queen & 2 singles) is the same price for 2 people $138. With a maximum of 4 people. Other room options are also available and can be viewed on their site http://www.brentwoodhotel.co.nz/

We have tentative books made for 30 people. Be in quick to reserve your room. Use reference number 74760.

Flight costs at the moment are Air NZ or Jet Star $59 to $73 one way from Auckland or Christchurch so book flights now to take advantage of these low costs.

Note: We have a senior dan grading tentatively planned for Friday 15th November, which would be held at the Brentwood Hotel Conference Room.






Saturday 16th November 2013

12:00pm          Check in/Settle in

12:50pm          Assemble at ASB Sports Centre in Dobok (GROUP PHOTO)

1:00pm            Form up, bow and introductions                                

1:05pm            Training                                                         Master Davidson

2:00pm            2 Step Sparring                                             Master McPhail

2:30pm            Break – afternoon tea at venue

3.00pm            Self Defence                                                  Andrew Salton

4:30pm            ITKD Systems – talk                                       Mark Banicevich

5.00 pm           Finish

6:30pm            Dinner ($40 per head)

7:30pm            Guest speaker:  Cliff Harvey


Saturday 17th November 2013

9:00am            Training (Kilbirnie Bowling Club)

                          Senior Patterns                                             Master McPhail

10:30am          Morning tea

11:00am          Discussion  - Planning ideas for 2014

1.00pm            Finish.


Course Notes

Stripes Attendees: For video links to sessions by Messers Salton, Banicevich and Harvey please email Master McPhail

General Session with Master Davidson

Master Davidson covered various aspects of basic training. This included:

  • Taekwon-Do etiquette including correct bowing procedure
  • Some of the traditional stretches (eg front / rear rising kicks, side squats)
  • Partner exercises for perception of energy flow
  • Challenging discussion on "could you kill someone?"

Two step Sparring session with Master McPhail

Teaser for next year's 2 step sparring syllabus and each pair asked to demonstrate their own ideas.

Self Defence session with Mr Salton

  • Master McPhail outlined the new self defence syllabus due for introduction mid 2014.
  • Mr Salton taught release and counter attack techniques from basic grabs.
  • Discussion on passive stance and deescalating strategies due to be included in the syllabus.
  • Stripes participants - please email Master McPhail for access to the video of this session.

Systems & Process or talk by Mr Banicevich

Mr Banicevich re-capped his talk given at the recent Instructor Update courses for those who couldn't attend. This included:

  • Mini-kids lesson planning and term structure for gradings
  • Mini-kid attendance plan and grading procedure
  • Processes for club and how we can improve them (small group brain storming)

Special Guest Presentation by Cliff Harvey: Fueling Metabolic Efficiency

  • See talk headings above. Stripes participants - please email Master McPhail for access to the audio of this session.

Senior patterns by Master McPhail

  • 3rd dan patterns in detail
  • 4th & 5th dan patterns in one group with Master McPhail, 6th & 7 dan with Master Davidson.


Stripes offers the opportunity to openly discuss ideas or concerns. This year discussions included:

  • IDO and possible development into a more formalised mentor programme
  • Formalising the substitute instructor idea, where you can request a substitute instructor if you are sick or absent from training.
  • "Think Big" Mr Craig Hannah started discussion on how the database can be expanded and developed and offered his assistance to do so. Members of the Board present are to take this further.
  • Instructors Conference and senior dan grading set for first weekend of November in Rotorua (combined with Stripes).
  • Discussion on the National tournament numbers and how to improve. Idea of splitting into "international" and "non-International" divisions to encourage more participation.
  • Use of protective gear at club level and at gradings from 2014. Sparring at gradings follows general tournament rule guidelines such as no low kicks or attacks to illegal targets. (save that for self defence).
  • Swing too far towards tournaments? How can we do more on the art side?
  • Red / Blue / black sparring gear. A general feeling that black gear should be allowed at all events to save cost to the members. Please give feedback to Mr Brown if you want a change to the current rules.
  • Proposed grading fee re-structure. Please give your feedback to your RD for a response back to the Board.


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